Saturday, 2019-08-10

*** frinring_ is now known as frinring00:51
albertus1now that's an interesting almost-collision of nicknames08:15
albertus1I'm continuing on my path to build current sailfish for xperia xa2 from scratch, and right now wondering why says that it needs "suid" (nosuid must not be set) and sudo rights (I haven't even installed "sudo" yet). what are those needed for?08:17
albertus1is sudo only necessary for the commands that I'm instructed to run explicitly on that installation guide, or will other scripts silently use sudo, too?08:19
albertus1looks like also "noexec" must not be set :)08:38
albertus1okay, mer-sdk-chroot needs sudo. I see08:40
albertus1no luck with setuid on ntfs. seems I'll have to move to another partition of my hard drive09:15
ghosalmartinmal: any idea who admins this channel and has access to logs?17:33

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