Sunday, 2019-08-11

r0kk3rzlogs are public here04:12
malghosalmartin: I would assume lbt can access the logs11:58
ghosalmartinmal: yeah foolishly typed in a password there and spent the night resetting all sorts11:59
malghosalmartin: yep, noticed that12:00
ghosalmartinmal: this distro had a broken lock screen that was just black12:00
malnot very practical :)12:00
ghosalmartinmal: not at all since i thought i was typing passing in the password screen but itd broke and was irc haha12:27
*** frinring_ is now known as frinring12:32
kimmoliremoving it from the logs makes no sense... and if you use same password in many places, it is your fault.13:08
*** Renault_ is now known as Renault14:28
albertus1btw, where does sfos' name come from? is the similarity to the word "selfish" intended?15:53

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