Friday, 2019-08-16

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enigma9o7How do I skip the tutorial after install?02:11
enigma9o7I've been thru it several times...02:11
enigma9o7But I keep messing up things and starting over, and having to go thru it again.02:11
enigma9o7this time i accidentally tapped developer options, and it removed it permantly i think, so i reflashed02:12
enigma9o7damnit, i hoped asking on irc would be quicker than doing this tutorial again, but I guess here I go doing it again02:12
enigma9o7I'm still not done and would love to quit...02:16
enigma9o7Although I'm long past that stage, I'm still curious if there's a way to abort that tutorial, incase I ever flash again.02:38
kimmoli_enigma9o7: touch each corner in turn : top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left04:35
enigma9o7well i think im retarded05:52
enigma9o7i dunno why05:52
enigma9o7but im sure its all my fault05:52
enigma9o7i wiped and nkstalled sfos again05:52
enigma9o7and nowe my pohoen is bricked05:52
enigma9o7andi drnak a ot fo whiskey so i type bad05:53
enigma9o7but i read something ABOU THOW letters dont have to be in order05:53
enigma9o7smart people can see mixed up letters and still rea d05:53
enigma9o7However, when I look at the transcript I just wrote, I wish I was ibn telegram or discord so I can edit.05:54
enigma9o7Dont get me wrong.05:54
enigma9o7I ove irc.05:54
enigma9o7I would much rather use ird than discord or telewgram.05:55
enigma9o7i the onlyh reason i use that crap is cuz developers want it05:55
enigma9o7my linux distro official channel is discord, the device i want offkcial channel is telwegram, etc05:55
enigma9o7Wahtasw wrong with irc2, there's a cli client built into most os, and there's fancy clients for every os.05:56
enigma9o7wju dpes everuone thing telegram/discord/wantever bs is smenow better05:56
enigma9o7And, as a last statment, if you live in North America, there is a store called costco, they sell a 6-year-oak-cask-aged candian whiskey.  I highly reccommend.  And not just me, google search.05:58
enigma9o7And it makes it so you can talk to yourself in irc.05:58
enigma9o7Its such a pleasure to see you join this channel.06:28
enigma9o7You are so welcome.06:28
enigma9o7Do you have any dumb questions?06:29
enigma9o7I only know the answers to those.06:29
enigma9o7If its actually a real complicated uqestion, just wait and see if maybe someobdoy actually answers.06:29
enigma9o7every comand I enter says kernel too old, even ls.06:30
enigma9o7Inlucding reboot or shutdown.06:30
enigma9o7My guess, based on my previous experience doing the exact same thing, is that somehow the update is different now, perhaps installing sometihng additional or some new version of someting hat pq doesnt like.06:31
enigma9o7I really just wanna wip ean dflash again, it's really anoyhing i have to wait til battery dies.06:32
enigma9o7any ismple command to waer out the battery fast?  maybe some shell command that calls itself or somethign06:33
enigma9o7I see that many of my lettersarent good, in irci cant fix it, bu ti do recall redaint something about how people can read stuff with letters mixed up \06:33
enigma9o7as long as youre not concerntraing on mistakes, even if people completely rearragne the letters in a word, its still readaible.06:34
Inteshell comand line tool "stress" should maximize cpu usage06:34
Intedont know if its available for sfos06:35
Smaryou could just long-press power button to close the phone06:35
enigma9o7Thanks Smar.06:40
enigma9o7Unfortnatelyh, I tried that long ago.06:40
enigma9o7No response.06:40
enigma9o7Red led stays on06:40
enigma9o7I can still ssh in06:40
enigma9o7but my screen wont turn on for anything06:41
enigma9o7And I cant shutdown.06:41
enigma9o7well, sorry for the delay, but ap[erantly i cant ssh anymore either.06:44
enigma9o7i could be.06:44
enigma9o7I'm gunna stop talking, let my battery die, opefully i can start over.06:45
enigma9o7thanks so much tho06:46
enigma9o7No idea if sfos supports stres or not since when I tried I discovered that died too.06:47
InteIs sfos on gemini in stable ste, like, does the phone work?06:56
Inteand what is the difference between the free and the paid version except for limited updates?06:57
Inteivread elsewhere the phone on the gemini would only work in free hands mode but not if the phone is closed?06:58
Intebut that was for the alpha/veta versions...06:59
Intebtw im pretty happy with sfos on my xa2 except for that android apps dont have internet connection on mobile data07:01
enigma9o7I mos tcertainly followed the "wreckless: instructions to just run the update script, but I'd done that before /wo issue.07:01
InteI therefor bought a Nokia 8110 and carry a mobile hotspot with me in case i want to use car sharing, shopping etc.07:01
Inteonly thing urgently needed is a method to hide root from android apps like in magisk, since skygo doesnt work ob the jolla currently07:02
Inteand of course it would be a nice asset if android apps could connect to the internet...07:04
enigma9o7YHour test passes09:02
enigma9o7Your message is succseful.09:02
enigma9o7If it was 1980 and you were on a cb radio, I would confirm radio check.09:03
enigma9o7As it is 2017 or so, and I'm actuallyh using the same irc client i used 25 yhears ago....I duno what to sahy09:04
enigma9o7oh yeah its 201909:04
enigma9o7either way Im still runing irc2, which I first tried long before I ever herad of the wWW09:06
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tanghus_I installed sailfishsilica-qt5-demos. Where can I find the QML source for the demos?13:08
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tanghus_Found them on the phone13:38
kimmolitanghus_: i got only white screen with kitchen timer update...14:14
tanghus_kimmoli: Does it print anything when started from the console?14:54
kimmolitanghus_:  my ancient sfos17:03

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