Saturday, 2019-08-17

tanghus_kimmoli: "Label.padding" is not available due to component versioning. I don't have an other device to test on.04:36
tanghus_kimmoli: I could probably run an older version in the SDK(?). Du you have that ancient version just for testing? ;)04:38
tanghus_Du => do.04:38
kimmolitanghus_: this is my daily use device... hadn't had slot to update it. i have another device for testing (1+X)04:49
tanghus_kimmoli: Could you test by manually editing TimerPage.qml and see if  removing "Label.padding" is enough? If so I could release an "update". "downdate"? ;)04:53
tanghus_kimmoli: "(1+X)" - do you mean you have a J1 and an X just for testing?04:55
kimmoliheh no, oneplusX04:55
tanghus_Ah. Ok :)04:56
tanghus_kimmoli: it's very early for me: Is there a port for that?04:57
kimmoliyes. rinigus is nowadays making the hard work of porting, i just test and release05:04
kimmolithere was 'container:' which is also not found... i updated the gist05:05
kimmolibut no need to downgrade for me, i need to update. but don't remember from which sfos version those are deprecated05:06
kimmoliharbour has some version compatibility thing05:08
tanghus_Yeah, you can write somewhere what versions is supported, right?05:09
kimmolialso finnish translation is not complete05:10
tanghus_I meant what SFOS version an app supports. And I forgot to update translations :P05:11
tanghus_v.0.3.2 ;)05:12
tanghus_And apparently also forgot to test AboutPage.qml in landscape...05:13
kimmoliwelll is not supported... i'll ask around05:13
kimmolithat was the screenshot for ...05:13
tanghus_ I'm currently updating my 5 year old app Currency Converter. That was a lot of spaghetti and global vars :D And there are since at least 2 apps doing the same better, but it's fun to do :)05:16
kimmolihadnt had time to update my apps too much05:21
tanghus_I know what you mean. Currency Converter hadn't been updated for 5 years, and the Yahoo API it used was long dead. Found another *open* service now.05:23
tanghus_kimmoli: If you experience other errors - though you probaly won't as you caqn't07:35
tanghus_can't use the app... Well
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