Wednesday, 2019-08-21

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Thaodanabranson: yes I am and common sense isn't always helping  in legal territory04:14
ThaodanThis TiVo clause is really shit when I say it up front.04:14
abransonThaodan: Yes, the motivation behind it makes a lot of sense, especially after TiVo, but the way it's done makes it really difficult to include in anything that you might like to sell at some point. Which is how we ended up here.06:06
Thaodanabranson: it does but when I use a device I even don't own..06:07
Thaodanabranson: yes but I when I use a device I don't own..06:09
ThaodanOr when I have to lock device's to be certified06:09
Thaodanmaybe write to the fsf(e) to clarify06:09
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abransonthat second one is a really crucial one I think. I don't see how certification for safety critical systems can allow the user to randomly replace software components with their own versions.08:10
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