Thursday, 2019-08-22

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sledgesPSA: SFOS collab discussion at #mer-meeting channel starting in 5 (minutes)07:54
vilpanpvuorela, sledges: hi, a couple weeks ago I was advised by chriadam to ping you wrt LT keyboard layout inclusion ( Is there anything I should do to make the inclusion more likely/faster?09:00
sledgesvilpan: a keyboard layout is already in the works (two actually), and will be included if not in the next, then definitely in the one after sfos update09:01
vilpansledges: great to hear, then I guess all I have to do is have some more patience and re-apply the home-baked layout no more than once :) Thanks!09:02
sledgesyes indeed, thanks for your patience!09:03
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BenKerrygibt es einen command um in den sailfishos channel automatisch zu joinen?18:05
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