Sunday, 2019-08-25

omichalek[m]r0kk3rz: aosp9 - android open source platform?00:45
omichalek[m]r0kk3rz: is there any technical reason why XperiaX could not get newer Dalvik version?00:52
duncanIt is needing the Android 8 base in order to make use of the Android 8 LXC implementation01:02
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BenKerryis there a way to install google play store on Xparia XA2?13:57
malBenKerry: some people say they have done it, search for "Google Play Store" in here
BenKerryok  i follow the instruction but cannot install the playstore apk14:52
malwell some people use it so maybe someone else can help, I don't use google play so I have no idea what could be wrong14:54
BenKerryokay  i need official play store to get my apps i paid for14:58
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albertus1isn't MicroG a free re-implementation of Google libs and not the real thing?17:52
Krikkedoesn't have all the features though18:05

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