Monday, 2019-08-26

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BenKerrygood morning10:39
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lux1ntHi. I have a problem with keys on my phone. I have the events successfully generated by kernel (checked with evdev_trace'), but I can't get them working within even 'csd' tool. I run 'csd' within Qt SDK and can't see any output on key events. Can you provide me with a tip on what to do?14:03
r0kk3rzlux1nt: which phone? which key/s?14:26
lux1ntC55 phone. Side volume keys and touch keys like home/back/menu.14:29
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BenKerrywhen we will see a new SailfishOS Update?16:43
Mister_Magisterany idea how to make vertical pulldown menu?16:53
kimmoliMister_Magister: same way as here
kimmolii would be kinda hard to use if it is vertical and down ...17:19
BenKerryhey kimmoli now i have a official SailfishOS version ;)17:20
BenKerryi am the iPhoneBenny from twitter haha17:21
BenKerryyou helped me to install SailfishOS on Samsung Galaxy S517:21
BenKerryno sorry OnePlus X17:27

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