Tuesday, 2019-08-27

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devnull-<devnull-> Hi there, I'm a little bit confused on using Nemo.Configuration13:10
devnull-<devnull-> am I right that I can simply use values in every QML and its always application dependent, so no key sharing with other applications ?13:10
devnull-<devnull-> so is it a persistant configuration storage per application ?13:10
coderusdevnull-: it using dconf14:09
coderusdevnull-: use any values you want where you need14:09
devnull-hi @coderus14:13
devnull-thanks for the answer14:13
devnull-another question14:13
devnull-to TextFields14:13
devnull-is there something like a signal onEdited or onTextchanged ?14:14
coderusdevnull-: in qml you can use onPropertynameChanged for everything you need14:14
devnull-how to implement an action after textediting14:14
coderusdevnull-: also check EnterKey docs for better user experience14:15
devnull-I bet it sounds more complicate then it is. nothing simple to send a signal, that editing of textfield is done ? maybe when navigationBack within the pagestack ?14:16
coderusdevnull-: what is done? focus changed? page changed? you have to think deeper how your sw is supposed to work14:17
devnull-I try to get a signal when user swipes from left to right and doing a pageStack.navigationBack14:18
coderuswell, then inside page there is a signal onStatusChanged where you can check status value and conpare it to PageStatus.Deactivating, for example14:19
devnull-OK, let me try this14:21
devnull-@coderus: thanks, that was easy, just modify the value in onStatusChanged seems to do the trick, maybe this is enough for my task. Lets see what countermeasures will bi hitted14:40
_inte_any news regarding the simcard depended alien dalvik connection issue yet?15:27
PeperJohnny_inte_ there was talk in the last meeting http://merproject.org/meetings/mer-meeting/2019/mer-meeting.2019-08-22-08.00.html15:35
PeperJohnnysee point 515:35
inteah cool point 5d15:40
intethats my entry at tjc15:40
intethe apn.conf sounds reasonable on the one hand. however, my provider apn didn't change for ages15:42
intemy providers are in the current apn.conf15:47
PeperJohnnyunfortunately that's the only thing I know about this15:47
intei'm on o2 and i`m connecting through internet.eplus.de15:47
PeperJohnnyinte: as you'Re german, how about trying a different apn https://www.giga.de/unternehmen/o2/tipps/o2-apn-einstellungen-internet-zugangspunkt-einrichten-so-gehts/15:54
_inte_Peper Johnny I will look into this but i doubt this is the solution16:29
_inte_after all, mobile connection works for me by the sim swap trick i described at tjc16:29
_inte_ill be back here later16:30
peat-psuwitHello. I would like to know how I can get an account for https://git.merproject.org/. I'm contributing a patch to nemo-gst-interface which helps gst-droid work more correctly outside mer/sailfishos.17:02
peat-psuwitlbt, Sage_: ^17:02
lbtpeat-psuwit: do you have an account on jolla.com (ie for together.jolla.com)17:06
peat-psuwitlbt: No. Should I register one?17:08
lbtwe will eventually use those accounts on the obs/git - for now you just need to register there and I'll make you an account in sfos.org17:09
malpeat-psuwit: btw, correct url for that is now https://git.sailfishos.org, merproject.org redirects to sailfishos.org17:10
peat-psuwitlbt: done. My username is peat_psuwit (notice the underscore).17:12
peat-psuwitmal: Thank you for telling me. However, it seems like the project links (like https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/nemo-gst-interfaces) doesn't redirect. Is that expected?17:13
malpeat-psuwit: well it does invisible redirect but doesn't seem to change the url17:15
lbtdone - email on the way17:16
peat-psuwitlbt: It works now. Will send the patch soon. Thank you.17:26
lbtno problem - welcome aboard :D17:26
raa700jolla1 update from 2.x to 3.x stuck for 3hrs... what are the chances of bricking if i pull the battery17:50
malat what point is it stuck?17:52
malI mean has the progress bar moved?17:52
raa700i left it alone to update, i think the progress bar is 100%17:58
malI think it should be safe to reboot, usually pressing vol up + power for a while will reboot the device18:01
malanyway the update won't take that long18:01
raa700welcome to sailfish318:04

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