Wednesday, 2019-08-28

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BenKerrygood morning SailfishOS friends04:13
ViGegood morning04:56
_inte_good morning06:31
BenKerryhey my battary on xa2 is drain down very fast15:03
BenKerrycan someone help me15:03
BenKerryNeed help my battary on XA2 is drain down very fast. can someone helo me? I put it in flightmode for 7 hours and the battary is drain down 56%15:06
vilpanBenKerry: the channel is pretty quiet most of the time, try searching TJC, e.g. someone has suggested turning off Android support as a workaround -
Mister_Magisterhow do i valgrind app from sfoside?15:33
peat-psuwitSo, while I'm reading the source code of gst-droid, I noticed that video recording won't work if raw mode (when preview frames are delivered in userspace) is used. Why is that?16:40
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r0kk3rzabranson might know17:13
abransonpeat-psuwit: there are two modes, one 'recorder' that passes the camera frames to a codec in android world before they get passed out into gstreamer, and another that will pass them back in. i guess raw mode doesn't need a codec, so doesn't need to use recorder18:09
peat-psuwit_abranson: I didn't mean that raw mode. I mean the raw mode of preview frame.18:11
peat-psuwit_In fact, I should show you the code. A moment, please.18:12
abransonpeat-psuwit_: the commit explains it well I guess:
peat-psuwit_Ah yes. Thank you for that.18:18
abransonthat could be outdated though if it was done before the recorder stuff. might be good to try without it.18:19
* peat-psuwit_ should look at git blame when he has a question about a code.18:19
abransonit's a good habit, though annoying when people retabulate code too often18:20

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