Sunday, 2019-09-01

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BenKerrycan someone send me all the sailfishOS sounds and ringtones ? thx01:28
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svipDoes anyone have experience with flashing an Xperia phone with Sailfish X?13:55
svipfastboot oem unlock tells me the device is unlocked.13:55
svipBut when I run ./, it insists the device is still not unlocked.13:56
malcan you show the output, you can remove any device specific information in the output13:57
svipThe first time I did `fastboot oem unlock`, it just said OKAY.14:00
malcheck output of "fastboot getvar secure"14:01
svipmal: Answer is 'yes'.14:01
maldoes "fastboot getvar all" show unlocked?14:05
svipThat says unlocked no.14:05
svipDo I need to connect my device via USB3?14:06
malnot sure, some people have had issues with usb3 I think14:06
malsvip: you are sure you did everything correctly when unlocking, enabling USB debugging in android settings and so on?14:08
maldid you buy the device from shop or via carrier?14:08
svipFrom a shop.14:09
svipActually, I bought it used.  But the Android version was still 8.14:09
malrecheck the USB debugging in android settings14:09
malalso try another USB connection just in case if USB debugging is correct14:10
svipWhen it boots now, it shows an indicator that the bootloader is unlocked.14:10
svipAnd it appears stuck at the Xperia splash screen.14:12
malmaybe reboot to fastboot mode and try again+14:15
svipOK, apparently, USB debugging had been disabled.  So I re-enabled and connected it again.14:17
svipIt shows up in fastboot devices, but all other commands fail with 'unknown command'.14:17
svipExcept 'getvar', that fails with GetVar Variable Not Found.14:17
svipEven for 'all'.14:17
malvery odd14:21
svipNow it worked, apparently.14:22
svipI had one USB-port that worked.14:22
svipNow it's flashing.14:22
malyes, some USB ports are sometimes problematic14:22
malno idea what causes it14:22
svipWhich is ironically the USB port on my keyboard. :s14:22
malanyway good that it worked, hopefully it will go all the way14:23
svipLooking good so far.14:23
svipIt boots into Sailfish OS.14:30
* fledermaus finally gets around to flashing his XA2 16:00
Mister_Magisterhow can i add my app to app picker menu?16:55

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