Monday, 2019-09-02

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tosarajaDakon: thanks for the hint. I asked with our management and apparently they already have channels open to Jolla. And as I'm only a guy working with the CI I guess i can leave this topic :) It will probably come back to me the day Qt's CI will verify changes on top of Sailfish...if it comes to that.06:03
DakonI very much hope that this will actually happen, atm it's still Qt 5.6 and the overall update pace is not totally pleasuring06:14
DakonI fear we will not have OpenSSL 1.1 before 1.0.2 goes out of support06:15
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dcalisteHello @pvuorela and @jpetrell, would you have a moment to discuss ? It's about quick scroll feature not appearing in landscape position when there is a toolbar (and toolbar is often triggered by scrolling up…)07:28
dcalisteThe restriction (flickable.height >= Screen.width) was introduced by commit 50b090a10, with a commit message speaking about tuning according to feedback. So I guess, disabling the quick scroll on landscape for non full height flickable was done on purpose.07:30
dcalisteBut as mentioned in TJC, this has some drawbacks. Maybe you can comment when you have time why this restriction was set up. Maybe we can find an implementation that is working in the toolbar case and that could keep the initial idea.07:31
dcalisteThanks in advance ;)07:32
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pvuoreladcaliste: commented on tjc for quickscroll. indeed feels too strict.12:53
dcaliste@pvuorela: thanks for commenting. I my opinion, the faulty test (flickable.height >= Screen.width) should be cahnged to flickable.height >= (double icons).height to ensure that the quickscroll bar will be properly displayed.13:16
pvuoreladcaliste: yea, could be, or just half the height as simple check.13:18
dcalisteOk, I'll try to see if what I suggest is simple to implement, otherwise I'll fallback on your suggestion. I'll push a MR later today or this week for it and we can discuss the technicalities there. Thanks for the feedback.13:19
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