Thursday, 2019-09-26

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frojndHi there.08:11
frojndHi hi08:17
sledgesRound 2 (not boxing:)
frojndWhere would one found open source sailfish apps? Like f-droid for Android? Can I see it without jolla device? Found this but is seems outdated:
tadzik is your best bet09:31
tadziksome of them have github links or other sources09:32
tadziknot all are opensource actually thouguh09:32
r0kk3rzyou can also find app builds on build.sailfishos.org09:42
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mp107Hi, I am not sure who is the owner of the but I would like to report that "" file is broken:
mp107… and I have confirmed the problem by comparing file checksum with my copy downloaded few years ago and was unable to extract file download today.16:01
malmp107: there was some disk issues on that server and probably some images are broken16:30
malmp107: did you send me the message on xda?16:30
mp107mal: No, I didn't18:33
malmp107: interesting, someone asked about urushi images earlier today18:38
malmp107: I'll reupload the alpha4 image as soon as I remember my password to the server18:39
mp107mal: I see. Thank you.18:41
mp107I only responded to a post on XDA after someone else asked about reuploading the file.18:41
malmp107: I also have plans to build newer images for the 2011 xperias at some point, I finally got my xperia pro back some time ago and I can test18:45
mp107mal: I see. I can test them out on mango, coconut or urushi if necessary :)18:49
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GekkePrutserDoes anyone know the settings for Office 365 when configuring it as exchange server?22:40
GekkePrutserI can't get it to work, it says the credentials can't be validated (I do have MFA required and I see it doesn't open a browser - could this be it?)22:40
GekkePrutserI set as "domain" and server22:40
GekkePrutserI did already check the forum22:41
GekkePrutserOh and there's no terminal?22:42
* GekkePrutser hadn't enabled developer options yet - Found the terminal :D - but it would be really nice if anyone has any info about O365 - would really be great to get that working22:48

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