Friday, 2019-09-27

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kimmoliGekkePrutser: try adding app password to skip MFA
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GekkePrutserSo MFA is not supported?09:12
GekkePrutserI'll try that thanks!09:12
GekkePrutserTbh this is really something that should work in this day & age... :) And I saw the OneDrive account in Salesforce supports it (but that does not support corporate OneDrive accounts)09:21
GekkePrutserBut I'll try it in a bit09:21
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GekkePrutserBy the way Microsoft is completely removing basic authentication with ActiveSync next year so SailfishOS should really start supporting modern auth soon :)
GekkePrutserI should probably raise that on the forum11:14
GekkePrutserThanks @kimmoli that worked!16:32
attahStill no way to change hw keyboard layouts?16:54
GekkePrutserAnd no swipe typing?17:38
kimmolidoesnt the physical keyboard layout selector work? or has it been removed?18:02
attahkimmoli: whoops, thanks18:09
attahIt's just the internet (tjc) being outdated18:09
attahdidn't expect a graphical setting18:09
frojndI would love to port my Android app to sailfish but it uses proximity sensor... So I would need a physical device. What's the difference between xperia xa2 and xperia xa2 plus other than more ram? I mean sofware wise?18:30
frojndAlso while I'm here: in what category does Sailfish os fall?18:31
attahfrojnd: From a user space point of view on sailfish, i doubt you could tell those devices apart in any meaningful way18:33
frojndI red somewhere "Signal" - Android app, is only working properly on Plus variant?18:34
attahHmm, i certainly had that working on my XA2 basic bitch edition... but the icon seems to have gone missing18:36
frojndMaybe I red old post..18:36
attahWell, that was before summer.. and i didn't have the Android runtime fully working until ~April18:37
attahAnyway, it works fine now too.. and i was just being blind, the launcher icon is there18:38
frojndDoes android runtime come with google services?18:39
frojndOr how do they emulate push notifications?18:39
attahno idea18:39
attahmicroG works great from what i can tell though18:39
frojndYeah... using microG currently18:39
attahbut i must admit ignorance of how that related to push notifications18:40
frojndWell gonna order one from ebay then.18:40
frojnd1GB of ram less than current phone... can't find xa2 plus on ebay18:40
attahFor sensors, this appears relevant:
attahAmazon appears to have it18:42
frojndYou'r right:
attahIt's not the best price, but it's also not complete robbery18:44
frojndYeah it's not the best price if you compare to Xiaomi :D18:45
frojndWonder what's the built quality like18:45
attahI think the extra gigaram would be nice for doing native browser plus Android stuff simultaneously18:45
attahIt's fine.. like most Sonys18:46
frojndIt's the phone's price and then I have to buy a licencse18:46
attahNot exactly premium, but fine18:46
attahyup... i can see how one woudl think twice... but personally i could never migrate to Android without much suffering in the ergonomics department18:47
frojndProblem with licence is that if I break the phone I have to buy it again? No way to back it up?18:48
attahIt's not "physical"18:49
attahJolla ties it to an IMEI, but it is stated that they will transfer it for loss of the phone, just not when one voluntarily upgrades18:50
attahI think that is a fair compromise between yearly and perpetual licensing18:50
frojndI guess... what's the lifetime of sofware updates I can expect if I but phone today?18:51
attahThe Jolla 1 still gets all the same updates as anything else18:52
frojnds/lifetime/time duration18:52
frojndAnd Jolla 1 is how old?18:52
frojndNice. My Moto G 1st gen received updates till this year march. LineageOs microg. But I had to fiddle with updates in the meantime myself18:53
frojndI'm sold...18:53
attahExactly, Lineage... not Motorola18:53
frojndI was lucky18:53
attahHeck, they even still support the "failed" x86 tablet the only shipped ~250 of18:55
attahI just need to sort out the battery on mine18:55
attahI must admit i get a little annoyed having to compile twice when i publish apps18:56
frojndDo tell more18:57
frojndYou only publish .rpm18:57
attahIt also gets the same updates despite being another CPU architecture18:57
attahYou build with a virtualbox vm from the IDE, and it does both arm and x8618:58
attah(cross toolchains in the same vm)18:58
frojndHow resource intensive is this?18:58
frojndAndroid Studio is so memory leakish I ran our of ram running just 2 projects at the same time... 16GB of ram not enough18:59
attahMy 2019 MacBook Air was a bit annoyed by this... but can't really notice it on a 2015 desktop machine18:59
frojndI also have smaller laptop x230 with just 8GB of ram and it's pain in the ...18:59
attahshould be fine18:59
attahmu MBA has 2GB19:00
frojndWhat, you compiled and used wm on a Air?19:00
attahalthough that no longer works, due to me not upgrading from 10.619:00
attahalso i don't care due to having a desktop since 2015 :)19:01
attahoh.. typo19:01
frojndSpecs of the desktop?19:01
attahit should say 2010 MBA19:01
frojndYeah was thinking, where di I miss the news of Apple still producing Airs :)19:01
attahXeon e3-1246v3, 32 gigaramz19:01
frojndHaha bit faster19:02
attahanyway.. 8 should be plenty from what i can tell19:04
attahhad someone ask about using a netbook a while back, thy needed to resort to docker on the native system19:05
frojndIt's the CPU I'm worried :) Compiling c++ on i5-3320M can be a bit slow19:05
attahHow big apps are we talking anyway?19:05
frojndWell I don't know. Currently they are in java/kotlin19:05
attahI try to avoid c++ and use mostly QML19:06
frojndMost of the code is background services19:06
frojndUsing proximity sensor and time...19:06
attahUnfortunately many of the more interesting APIs are C++19:06
frojndYeah... was coding C++ only a few lines back when I was a Student19:07
frojndForgot everything about pointers..19:07
attahFor me it's the broken types and abstractions that gets me19:08
frojndWould be great if I could code crystal on sailfish os though :)19:08
attahQt helps a bit actually19:08
frojndWhat do you mean by "broken types"?19:08
attahThat's a language i hadn't heard of19:08
attahLike if i want to store slightly different types in some STL crap, i need to hassle a lot to make it work... and one might think it is some attempt at efficiency, until you realize how often they reallocate stuff19:10
attahLooks like an ok language... also there is supposedly python app support19:11
attahbut with like no docs19:11
frojndYou can actually hook c code quite easilly19:11
attahI'd prefer if i didn't have to ;)19:12
frojndDidn't even know about python19:12
frojndI don't like python syntax19:12
attahwhat about it?19:12
frojndWeird just using tabs19:12
attahaka "python has a syntax?!"19:12
frojndI mean indentation19:12
frojndI like some old school rules haha19:13
attah^^ i don't mind it19:13
frojndHow is supporting older versions of SailfishOS, back compatibility?19:15
attahPretty good i think... apps tend to work some ways back19:16
attahThe SDK maintenance tool offers build targets back to 2.119:16
attahNot that i think old versions are very popular19:17
attahNobody has been left behind yet really19:18
frojndGonna have to play a bit first and see how it goes :)19:20
attahgood luck19:21

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