Monday, 2019-10-07

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frojndWell bummer19:29
frojndI just ordered wrong licencse19:29
frojndI will try free version in the meantime19:31
abransonfrojnd: contact support. they'll change it for you.19:31
frojndHow could I missclicked19:31
frojndabranson: I just did19:31
frojndCan I just upgrade after I receive correct license? Or do I have to reinstall19:32
frojndSo... is V16 vendor binary image still prefered? Better WLAN reception if on 5GhZ?19:40
malI think that is the main difference in v16 vs v1719:42
frojndAfter I get correct license for my device. Can I just reflash over trial one? Same steps?19:45
malfrojnd: answer to your other question about moving from free to paid license in sailfish x check "Upgrading from Free to Paid Licence", short answer no reflashing needed19:46
malthe license is in jolla account, the image is otherwise the same19:47
frojndAhhh nice ok19:47
frojndI clicked XA2, but I should clicked XA2 Plus19:48
malafter paying for the license the addition things like android app support will appear in the store19:48
frojndWell I mostly just support development this was number 1 reason I decided for payment19:49
frojndAll other candies ok..19:49
frojndHa.. it says device wasn't unlocked even though I just unlocked it19:53 script19:53
frojnd                                                   OKAY [  1.548s]19:53
frojndFinished. Total time: 1.552s19:54
frojndWhen I do fastboot oem unlock 0xcode I get: FAILED (remote: 'Device already unlocked') Also boot warning about my device being unlocked20:03
frojndmaybe needs some updating20:03
frojndNo just instructions update20:10
frojndIt appears `fastboot getvar secure` says yes, if device is not rebooted20:11
frojndDoes SailfishOS has some sort of debugging capabilities? :) Like adb logcat for Android?20:25
frojnd"Simply hold the device in one hand..." I'm sold20:27
frojndAllthough using one hand on a 6" screen and tapping top left most app can be challenging. We need to improve this :)20:32
frojndHow do I change google search engine to duckduckgo or smth else?20:42
malfrojnd: settings->apps->browser has selection for search engine, only some currently, there are additional ones in (using Storeman app
pketofrojnd: The XA2 models have just been merged under same license option, so your purchase should be ok21:54
pketofrojnd: reboot the device and licensed content should be then available from store21:57

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