Tuesday, 2019-10-08

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frojndpketo: srsly? Ok let me try06:51
dcalisteHello chriadam, I'm leaving home now. I think I'll be 10 min. late. Sorry.06:52
chriadamhi dcaliste, no problem at all06:53
pketofrojnd: did it work?07:10
frojndpketo: I don't know... should I see any more apps?07:11
pketofrojnd: you should see android support, exchange support and predictive text input in store, in the jolla category07:14
dcalisteHello chriadam, sorry for the delay.07:15
chriadamdcaliste: hi, no worries, I hope you had a good week07:17
dcalisteYes, fine, thank you.07:18
frojndpketo: yeah I went to Apps -> Store -> Jolla -> and I see Predivtive text input, MS Excgange, Android Support but how do I install them?07:18
dcalisteI've submitted the UI proposal for web calendars in bitbucket, you may have noticed. Nice feedback from pvuorela, flypig and jpetrell. Thanks to them.07:19
pketofrojnd: doesn't the install work?07:19
chriadamdcaliste: yep, saw lots of discussion there, good to see that one proceeding07:19
frojndpketo: I guess I don't know how to install ;D07:20
frojndPulley :D07:20
dcalisteStill not sure about the place for it to be, calendar app or account page. I think discussion will continue about this point.07:20
chriadamdcaliste: I also updated kcalcore MR#9 with a unit test which shows an issue with the "expansion of occurrences within interval" which is unrelated to timezone things07:20
chriadamyes.  my opinion is that it doesn't belong on account page, since no account is required to access it.  but maybe I'm wrong.07:21
dcalisteI've seen your addition this morning. This remains me that I wanted to test it upstream, but I didn't.07:21
chriadammaybe a credential-less account is a useful concept here07:21
chriadame.g. "account type = webcal subscription" with just one setting: the url.  no username/password.07:22
dcalistecredential-less, yes I was thinking about the same. The accoutn shell would just be needed to leverage the existing code and infra for account listing, syncing…07:22
dcalisteThe only thing is that I would like to keep the options (URL, use-defined label, connection settings if any…) in the sync profile, not in the account. I need to see if it's possible with the current code.07:23
dcalisteI would prefer like that, because it's simpler in the buteo plugin implementation.07:24
dcalisteThe profile is already at hand and we don't need to fetch the associated account number.07:24
dcalisteAnd all the boiler plate of service associated to the account.07:25
dcalisteSo I will see in  the coming days or weeks, what it would mean to set this web cal subscription in an account setting page. I will come back with another proposal, so the pro and con can be discuss fully there.07:26
chriadamthanks very much07:27
chriadamI don't think pvuorela is online at the moment unfortunately07:28
chriadamotherwise would be a good opportunity to discuss the options07:28
chriadamoh well.07:29
dcalisteNo problem, it can be done later when I have more clear ideas what does it mean to use the account infrastructure to access profile options and so on.07:29
dcalisteI guess you are busy, what do you think about this MR : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/26 ? Adding a calendar property table in mkcal.07:29
chriadamchecking that one now07:31
frojndmal: I installed openrepos and search engines... I went to Settings -> appas -> Browser and there I c hange search engine to duckduckgo yet I still have Bing as a search engine07:31
frojndOk I think I know what's going on. I had to close previos tab and start searching something new07:32
chriadamdcaliste: looks good, minor comment about style (camel casing), aside from that I wonder when the change would be actually committed if the notebook->setCustomProperty() api is used?  i.e. the transaction07:33
chriadamis that only on storage->updateNotebook()?07:34
dcalisteYes, that's it.07:34
dcalisteLike for the other properties that already have a dedicated field.07:34
chriadamsounds good to me.  nice comprehensive unit test too, great work07:35
chriadamI will ask pvuorela and flypig to take a look at that one also07:35
dcalisteOk thank you. We can then simplify so tricks from the caldav and google buteo plugin.07:37
dcalisteThe thing to look closely at is the table layout I think. As mentioned in the MR, I'm using the CalendarId as reference, but this field is a string, not an integer id like the rowid.07:38
frojndGuys what would be the best way to import my contacts from Android? I used MicroG and DavDroid07:39
dcalisteI don't think that it can create real latencies with the size of database at hand, but I'm not a specilist.07:39
chriadamfrojnd: if you have a vCard file, you can import it (just scp it or bluetooth transfer it to the device, then settings->apps->people->import from file)07:40
chriadamfrojnd: otherwise if you sync with a remote account (carddav or google) then add an appropriate account and it should sync automatically.07:40
chriadamdcaliste: calendarId is what, the UUID?07:40
dcalisteThere is no integer field referencing a calendar except the special rowid one.07:41
dcalisteAnd this one is not fetched by default.07:41
chriadamI think it's fine also, but will add a note to the PR just for discussion07:41
frojndchriadam: thank you07:42
dcalisteIt would require to modify the select query, which is not really an issue but is more intrusive in term of modification.07:42
chriadamgiven the small number of notebooks expected, I don't think this is a concern in practice, but let's see if flypig or pvuorela have comments there07:43
dcalisteI share this point of view !07:44
chriadamthanks again for doing that work - much appreciated07:46
chriadamI poked Jaymzz again about the blog post, but haven't heard back07:47
chriadamnot sure what's going on there07:47
dcalisteNo problem, with pleasure. Do you have any news about the rework of the caldav plugin (MR!45) ?07:48
chriadamoh let me check again07:48
chriadamah, I asked bree to test that one07:48
chriadambut haven't heard back.  hrm, I will ask again07:48
dcalisteThanks for MR!45. Jaymzz may be occupied with the 3.2.0 in preparation ? After this one is out officially, if no news about the blog post, I think I'll write a TJC post explaining how to use the GPG signature in email.07:49
dcalisteAbout CalDAV, there is MR!47 that is pending also, the one about implementing the sync direction option.Not in a hurry though.07:50
chriadamyep, both MR#45 and MR#47 I would like to get into 3.2.1 as part of nextcloud account support improvements.  hopefully basic nextcloud account support will be included in 3.2.1 but let's see.07:51
dcalisteOk, that's great.07:53
chriadamI will hopefully test those again later this week or early next week, and merge them early next week07:53
chriadamlet's discuss again next Tuesday, should be in by then07:53
dcalisteOk, thank you for your effort also!07:54
chriadamI had nothing else - did you have anything else to discuss this week?07:56
dcalisteNo that's fine. Thank you for your time. Have a nice week.07:56
chriadamno problem, thank you very much.  have a good week!07:56
frojndHow do I connect via usb? I've enabled developer tools and I see some IP address there. But how do I transfter files through usb Linux -> SailfishOS?08:24
frojndSsh is faster08:25
r0kk3rzyou can use scp if you like08:27
r0kk3rzor connect using MTP rather than developer tools08:27
frojndI just did through ssh08:27
r0kk3rzmost of the time i just use scp over wifi08:27
frojndI copied to Downloads,.. went to people import from file but it says it doesn't find anything...08:29
frojndI exported to .csv file08:29
frojndBut on the other hand it doesn't ask me to select file08:29
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frojndWhen I go to home,... last app goes on desktop,.. how do I clear my desktop?10:05
r0kk3rzclose the app10:23
r0kk3rzeither long press on it and hit the X, or close it using the gesture when launched10:24
r0kk3rzif you side swipe, the app remains open in multitasking view10:24
frojndWhen I go to Jolla store, and I clcik Games, Jolla, Apps,... everywhere I see: You will be able to view content here once it is available.11:09
frojndSomething going on on server side?11:10
tadzikoh, interesting11:24
tadzikI see everything here11:24
tadzikmaybe it's already over :)11:25
frojndNow I also see everything :)12:02
frojndAnyone noticed this that when you use fingerprint scanner it still brings you to "enter your pin" screen and not directly home?12:03
frojndr0kk3rz: how do I close it using gesture when launched? Do I have to define gesture for that?12:04
malfrojnd: you need to use fingerprint twice, first to wakeup the device and then again as security measure in place of security code12:08
spiiroinfrojnd: for explanation follow the breadcrumbs staring from https://together.jolla.com/question/212934/great-wake-up-with-fingerprint-but/ ...12:09
mariogriplbt or sage: I would like to request an account on the gitlab instance. I have some changes to sensorfw I want to upstream :)12:14
r0kk3rzfrojnd: swipe from top edge down from close to left or right edge12:41
tadzikisn't that an opt-in fuction? Or not anymore12:41
r0kk3rzi think its enabled by default these days, if not check the settings12:41
tadzikaha :)12:41
r0kk3rzbut as if make gestures opt-in on a gesture based os...12:42
tadzikI wonder if it's in the tutorial12:42
Nico[m]But it only works on the left or right quarter of the upper edge these days12:42
r0kk3rzi remember a joyride overlay when they changed the gesture12:43
frojndOk I added exchange job account and now it's "Checking server settings and policies..." for a 4 minutes ealready13:27
frojndHow can I see logs what's going on?13:27
r0kk3rzall logs end up in journalctl13:34
lbtmariogrip: you need a jolla/sailfish account (ie t.j.c) and then let me know (msg is fine) that username/email14:51
r0kk3rzmariogrip: hows things going in ubports land?14:56
mariogriplbt: i alredy have one, username is mariogrip and email marius@ubports.com15:26
mariogripr0kk3rz: Going good :) We're looking to switch to sensorfw insted of using the one that canonical made :)15:26
r0kk3rzyaay, one of us!15:27
mariogripr0kk3rz: getting closer yeah :D we're also working on getting droidmedia working with halium15:27
r0kk3rzwhats the holdup with it working with halium?15:29
lbtmariogrip: you should have an email16:26
mariogriplbt: Thanks :)16:55
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