Wednesday, 2019-10-09

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frojndHi there.08:18
frojndI just installed n26 mobile bank from (I believe aptoide is default marketplace?) And when I try to login I get red warning: "General error" How can I see adb logcat in sailfish os?08:19
Thaodanfrojnd:  go into the lxc container and run logcat there08:29
frojndlxc container?08:30
Thaodanlxc-attach -n aliendalvik — /system/bin/logcat08:30
Thaodanad is inside an lxc container08:30
frojnd`You lack access to /home/nemo/.local/share/lxc`08:36
frojndas root it works... when I do devel-su08:37
frojndI mean I become root and then lxc-attach -n aliendalvik - /system/bin/logcat08:37
frojndProblem is no logcat is being run08:38
frojnd2 commands :) first container, second actual bin08:39
lpotter mariogrip: the sensors canonical made never fully worked...08:40
lpotterand were not interested in fixing08:42
frojndNo logs when entering password :(08:44
frojndWhen submitting08:44
frojndHow do I select text while in browser? I would like to copy/paste phone number from a web page it's rather long08:56
Nico[m]<frojnd "How do I select text while in br"> Long press09:01
frojndSo probably shitty site, I couldn't even when long pressing09:02
frojndCan I somehow access device from usb? But also see logcat messages? I guess I'm asking if I can ssh through usb cable? Something weird with wlan/data and n26 Mobile banking app10:55
Nico[m]You should be able to ssh via USB. You should see an USB ip address in the developer settings10:56
vilpanyep, I use SSH over USB. IIRC, the device is created automatically, you just need to configure it - set address/prefix so that it can "see" the phone10:58
frojndThanx... on Linux I see ens8u1u4u1u2 as a new device when attaching usb11:09
frojndI should probably copy oever publick keys so I don't write password each time11:10
frojndNothing weird..11:22
frojndNo logs to help me figure out :(11:22
frojndAt least no revelant11:22
frojndAll logs I see are just theses two11:22
frojndW /system/bin/hw/android.hidl.allocator@1.0-service: ashmem_create_region(32768) returning hidl_memory(0x750642c2d0, 32768)11:22
frojndAnd I SoftAAC2: Initially configuring decoder: 48000 Hz, 2 channels11:23
frojndAnd chatty11:23
malshow whole log11:23
frojndJust a sec... searching of apps that I can automatically paste to gist or smth11:28
frojndI know this is a dumb q.  but what distro is Sailfish based on? Looking for a package manager11:30
Nico[m]You can use pkcon or zypper, but you may need to install zypper first, i.e.: pkcon install zypper11:32
Nico[m]Sailfish is based on Mer, which is based on MeeGo, but somewhere in the chain they switched from deb to rpm, so knowing the lineage may not help you much ;p11:33
jwalckmeego was sort of a merger of moblin (intel, red hat) and maemo (nokia, debian). there the deb/rpm switch happened.:)11:53
jwalckbut yeah, as Nico[m] said that knowledge might not help you much with understanding what we have today:)11:54
r0kk3rzjust use pkcon11:57
frojndAnyone knows of the simplest paste tool :)11:57
r0kk3rzim sure kimmoli had one11:57
frojndmal: it took me a while:
frojndcat file.log | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io12:05
frojndIs this runtime based on 8.1?12:08
frojndFor Xperia xa212:08
frojndWhat hardware phone does android app see?12:10
frojndXepria xa2?12:10
frojndNo wget12:23
frojndOh well I can install it12:28
frojndSo I use termite12:29
frojndAnd I need wget and tic (terminfo entry-description compiler) to in order to use watch :D12:30
frojnd`export TERM=xterm-color` will have to do it for the time being but it's cumbersome to write it each time u ssh12:31
frojndmal: any ideas?12:34
frojndmal: about logs?12:34
malfrojnd: well what app did you try and so on, difficult to look at logs without needed information12:48
frojndmal: This is the log from when I start an app12:57
frojndOddly I don't see any package name12:57
frojndWell there was an attempt.. who do I file a bug or cry about why my banking app is not working in Sailfish's os?13:35
Nico[m]Maybe it is another case of the banking app checking, if you have superuser rights/rooted your phone, which does sometimes fail on Sailfish?13:37
Nico[m]You could try to Google if other people, that use rooted Android phones, have the same issue13:38
malfrojnd: so that log is from "lxc-attach -n aliendalvik - /system/bin/logcat" ?13:43
malfrojnd: did you check the android app status thread at tjc13:44
malwhich has many reports of various apps13:44
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frojndI guess I was disconnected... what's tjc?14:32
Nico[m]This, I guess:
frojndWell yeah, there I wrote n26 in search but nothing came out of if14:36
Nico[m]Maybe there is an app with a similar issue14:46
malfrojnd: which version of that app was in aptoide?14:48
Nico[m]Maybe your app needs google services?14:48
malthat is also one possibility14:49
frojndNo.. it does not14:54
frojndI mean I don't know14:54
frojndOn Android I have microG14:55
frojndWithout google services...14:55
frojndMaybe I have to isntall microG or smth14:55
malfrojnd: it's very odd that your log shows nothing about the app, are you sure that is the correct log from "lxc-attach -n aliendalvik - /system/bin/logcat"?14:57
frojndmal: very old version14:57
frojndmal: 3.2014:57
frojndBut looking in Aurora Store on Android phone it's 3.3414:57
malmaybe try download the apk for new version and try that14:58
frojndmal: yeah I'm sure14:58
frojndCan I transfer apk to phone and then somehow install it? It's split apk..14:58
frojndMaybe install Aurora14:58
frojndAnd from Aurora install n2614:58
malI don't know about split apks14:59
malfrojnd: the command actually should be "lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat"15:02
malnote the two -- there15:02
frojndmal: that's more logs15:06
frojndright there15:06
frojndWhy are apps in aptoide so outdated?15:07
malfrojnd: at what point does the app fail?15:14
frojndWhen I try to login15:14
frojndI get a red notification: General error15:14
frojndSo at the end15:14
frojndI belive something with sockets... maybe they fixed it in newer versions...15:15
frojndThanx for the help guys I gotta run15:16
mcfrisk3.0.3 Hossa update on Jolla C downloaded for ever, but finished. Now it's been stuck updating with indicator at 100% for an hour. Should I just reboot and hope for the best?16:24
mcfriskalso on one Jolla 1 it hanged on boot and I did a factory reset and trying again. one jolla1 is uptodate with seitseminen and seems ok :)16:26
Nico[m]I'd wait a bit longer, but maybe you've got no choice16:29
Nico[m]Is it hot to the touch/doing stuff?16:29
Nico[m]Also, are you updating one release at a time? That sounds annoying! :D16:29
mcfrisknah, not hot. I plugged it to charger just in case though.16:30
mcfriskis there a better way to update than one at a time? I thought flashing wasn't supported on the jolla devices16:30
Nico[m]Hm, then I guess it is hanging somewhere16:31
mcfriskand yes it's annoying16:31
Nico[m]Yeah, you can go to the most recent release by either tricking the jolla store or by upgrading from the command line. It's been a while since i did that though16:31
mcfriskso this would work to directly jump to seitseminen:
mcfriskmaybe I'll try that for one device16:35
Dakonthe update indicator is a mess...16:43
pketoIt is not recommended to skip the intermediary updates, they are there for reasons17:36
Nico[m]Hm, I've had more issues with updating one at a time than with going to the most recent version in one go though...17:38
pketoit might work, but for exmaple if you try to update jolla 1 directly from 1.something to latest, it most likely won't work17:44
Nico[m]I used to jump directly 2.x on my jolla, since I got stuck on some one 1.x update all the time, but could be, that this can mess stuff up17:54
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mcfriskjollac was still stuck in 100% update screen so rebooted. luckily update seems to have worked.18:46

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