Wednesday, 2019-10-16

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dcalisteHello chriadam, I've just seen you merged the rewrite MR in CalDAV plugin, thanks.07:30
dcalisteI'm rebasing the direction MR and testing now.07:30
chriadamthanks - I'll ask bree to retest also once that's rebased07:31
dcalistechriadam, ok, rebase done and tested on device.07:50
chriadamdcaliste: thanks very much for that07:55
dcalisteThanks also, chriadam, for reviewing, testing and merging !07:58
chriadamin your opinion, is mkcal PR 26 also ready?  I think it is, but haven't had a chance to do much testing of that one.  will merge early next week unless flypig or pvuorela raise concerns there07:59
dcalisteLet me have a look.07:59
chriadamalso, I updated kcalcore MR 9 according tor your suggestion.  I would like to merge that one this week if possible, if you think it's ok (hopefully pvuorela agrees also?)08:00
dcalisteYes, I think MR26 is ready.08:00
dcalisteI've looked yesterday at kcalcore MR. I didn't understand immediately why you added a test that existed! Before I understand that pure CMake was used and packaging was done with qmake...08:01
dcalisteBesides, I agree for merging it.08:01
chriadamyeah, the qmake/cmake co-existing in the repo is confusing...08:05
chriadamanyway thanks for that, I will merge that one tomorrow unless flypig or pvuorela raise issues today.08:06
* chriadam has to head home or will be late for training08:07
dcalisteGood night too.08:07
dcalisteI'm going to propose upstream your patch. Except if you want to.08:07
dcalistedo it yourself.08:07
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