Thursday, 2019-10-17

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rodrigoi have a question!!06:17
rodrigoi a noobs06:17
rodrigoim a noobs06:17
rodrigohow to compile for example06:17
rodrigolibrary source to rpm06:18
rodrigopython, openssl etc etc06:18
chriadamyou mean, for a library which currently doesn't have packaging?06:19
chriadambasically, you need to write an rpm .spec file which defines how the package is built from source, and which files are part of the package (and where they get installed to)06:19
rodrigoyes chriadam06:19
chriadamthen you can use the mb2 tool to build the package semi-automatically with the Sailfish OS SDK, or alternatively you can manually generate a package using qmake + make + rpmbuild (or configure + make + rpmbuild, or whatever the build system is)06:20
rodrigohow to create .spec file, with file config?06:22
chriadamyou can create one from scratch, see e.g. for an example06:23
rodrigosorry im noob06:23
chriadamor alternatively, if the same library is already packaged for another RPM-based system (e.g. Fedora) you could use their .spec as a starting point06:23
rodrigoWhat would happen if I installed a "fedora" armv7hl rpm on sailfish, would it work?06:26
flypigTalking of Fedora, there are a bunch of good tutorials online about creating spec files, that work just as well for Sailfish.06:27
chriadamdepends.  e.g. if it has dependencies, and on sailfish os some of those dependencies are installed to slightly different locations, then that would be a problem, etc.06:27
chriadamyes, following the fedora guides is definitely a good start06:28
flypig(that second link was supposed to be different! )06:28
rodrigothis is the file06:29
rodrigoi need openssl 1.1.006:29
rodrigoIt would be a good starting point, the link I wrote to you?06:30
rodrigoI start from that spec, what would you modify?06:35
flypigYou could also take a look at the spec file for the existing version of openssl packaged for Sailfish:06:36
flypigThe actual spec is here:
rodrigoyes i read, thanks06:37
flypigGreat :) Comparing the two may help, I was thinking.06:38
chriadamyep, should give you a starting point definitely06:39
rodrigoare the patches important?07:00
rodrigoAre the .patch files important? I see the behavior of the library change.07:03
chriadampatches and diffs usually get applied during the preparation step, prior to the build step, by rpmbuild07:07
chriadamso, yes, they can substantively modify the resulting artifacts.07:07
flypigSome of the fedora patches to openssl are to remove potentially patent-encumbered elliptic curves. It depends what you need, but in the past I had to remove some patches so I could use them.07:29
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sledgesPSA: SFOS community IRC meeting at #mer-meeting already happening. curltail this for backlog: (out of time to attend myself..)08:13
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bavrogaris it possible to synchronize Calendar and Contacts via CalDAV and CardDAV with Nextcloud?11:04
bavrogartadzik: is it a builtin function or do you need an helper / app?11:17
tadzikbavrogar: no, it's built-in in the accounts thing11:40
tadzikIt's just like any other caldav/carddav account11:40
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frojndleszek: so was there any progress regarding better camera algorithms? Stock camera on XA2 plus is so bad low light...13:53
frojndAlso Did I messed my phone for not backing up keys before unlocking bootloader? Not that I will revert to Android but still?13:54
tadzikyou messed up a possible comeback to android, yes13:54
malare there any examples what such algorithms actually do?13:55

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