Friday, 2019-10-18

rodrigohow to build source to RPM,00:40
rodrigoi have a EDIT spec00:41
chriadamhave you set up the sailfish os platform sdk, and have you been able to build other packages?00:41
chriadamsee e.g. for instructions on how to use mb2 to build packages using the sdk.00:42
rodrigothe component galery y one app in python :)00:43
chriadamso, what problem are you encountering, precisely?00:44
rodrigoI thought I had to create a .PRO, in qtcreator to do a cross compilation00:45
rodrigosorry for my bad english00:47
chriadamnot necessarily00:57
chriadamlet me find a non-qmake project which can be built with mb200:57
chriadamso, this one is a glib project using autotools configure rather than qmake:
chriadam(it's a submodule repo, so you need to do git clone, then git submodule init + git submodule update, and then you can build with mb2 as per normal)00:59
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rodrigosorry mb2 sb2 is in linux!01:55
rodrigoi have a macbock pro, its possibl compile spec in QTcreator sailfish sdk?01:56
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rodrigomb2 build Permission denied05:27
rodrigoin ./configure05:27
ViGerodrigo: I assume you are using application sdk and not platform sdk, as you are usin mac. Unfortunately application sdk does not really support autotools projects.05:46
rodrigoViGe, ok, but im connecting with ssh to Sailfih OS Build ENgine(VirtualMachine)05:49
Nico[m]Are you building in the wrong directory?05:49
Nico[m]I built meson projects in the build engine with their respective spec files without issue, so it should be possible to build anything, afaik05:50
ViGerodrigo: I understood that. The way application sdk sets up the virtual machine which is used for running the build engine results in precisely the problem you have05:50
rodrigothis a problem /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.laFInf: line 44: ./Configure: Permission deniederror: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.laFInf (%build)05:53
rodrigo"/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.laFInf: line 44: ./Configure: Permission deniederror: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.laFInf (%build)"05:53
Nico[m]What build command did you use? What directory are you in, when you are trying to build that?06:01
rodrigoin the shared folder06:04
rodrigoof the VM06:04
rodrigothis is a command06:04
rodrigo mb2 -t SailfishOS- build06:04
rodrigodir /home/mersdk/share/Downloads/os/openssl-master06:08
rodrigoin share folder06:08
Nico[m]You are running the command in the build engine in /home/mer/build, right?06:13
Nico[m]Sorry, I don't have much experience with the SDK either, I usually use the docker image06:14
rodrigo[mersdk@SailfishSDK rpmbuild]$  mb2 -s ../share/Downloads/openssl-master/rpm/openssl.spec -t SailfishOS- build06:16
rodrigodo you build for me?06:18
frojndtadzik: Ok I messed up a possible comeback to android. What about SailfishOS improvments?06:18
Nico[m]rodrigo: Do you have a link to the project somewhere, so I can download it, if you want me to build it?06:23
rodrigonico share this i.. tomorrow view log06:50
Nico[m]I think your issue is, that your source folder isn't writable, so mb2 can't generate some files07:00
Nico[m]For me the build fails because of this in the configure step, so the spec file is probably also wrong: * Unsupported options: enable-tlsext07:01
frojndWow,... my XA2 Plus just powered off when battery was 9% and I plugged in charger... How can I see logs what went wrong?08:01
frojndBut now it says 11% and charging powered off... weird08:01
Nico[m]Sounds like the usual problem most mobile phones have when the battery degrades08:04
frojndAfter 6 days of usage?08:04
frojndBrand new XA2 Plus ;D08:04
Nico[m]Well... Maybe you just had bad luck? :D08:05
frojndI think it might not be calibrated?08:05
frojndOnly used android phone for 10 minutes before I flashed Sailfishos08:05
tadzikfrojnd: nothing in sailfish makes use of these thing afaik08:24
frojndtadzik: so for now, we are stuck with really shitty camera quality...09:01
frojndWhat a pitty... Bought Sony because traditionally they had great camera quality,... switched to SailfishOS because of privacy. Got privacy with bad camera quality :\ Well can't have everything I guess09:02
tadzikfrojnd: yeah, I guess. I never believed in phone cameras, so I don't really miss it that much :)09:22
tadzikI don't really mind the bad quality (I expect nothing from a 5mm lens), but the focus issues are a bit annoying09:23
frojndYeah focus is really off10:30
frojndHow can I debug things? My microphone just died, I  had to reboot phone to restore working mic o_O10:30
frojndI blame android runtime but still what would be first step to debug this. On Android I just looked at adb shell logcat -v threadtime -d > bla.log and I looked at that file10:31
frojndIt persisted logs across reboots so that was covered. How can I debug stuff in SailfishOS? And where to report it?10:31
malfrojnd: getting logs like output of dmesg and journalctl is usually helpful for debugging, also /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat can help if the issue could be android base related10:41
frojndmal: I'm experiencing that after I launch Android app, like Signal,... volume notification vanishes when I try to vol down/up11:02
frojndWell actually a lot of tiny bugs  that I think should be documented somehow and reported. Thanx for explaining11:02
malfrojnd: for android app support the logs are different11:45
malthe logcat I mentioned earlier is for the sailfish side logs11:47
mal"sailfish side" i.e. the thin android layer running along sailfish to provide hw driver stuff11:47
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