Saturday, 2019-10-19

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rodrigonico this is for build?06:13
rodrigoni o06:13
rodrigodocker sailfishos builengine this is for build06:14
lbtPSA: / going down for maintenance07:49
Nico[m]rodrigo: yes08:47
Nico[m]Although I pulled it from DockerHub08:47
Krikkehow did you do that?09:11
KrikkeError response from daemon: manifest for coderus/sailfishos-buildengine:latest not found09:11
Krikkealso it lists 0 pulls under dockerhub09:12
Krikkeis it the -sdk ?09:13
Nico[m]That was my build command: docker run -it --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)",target=/home/nemo/build -v rpmbuilddir-arm:/home/nemo/rpmbuilddir-arm coderus/sailfishos-platform-sdk /bin/bash -c "cd build && mb2 -t SailfishOS- build"09:21
Nico[m]Probably a bit more complicated than needed, but it works09:22
juhajWhat could have broken my sfos ipython readline interaction? There's no readline (or readline-like) functionality in the prompt any more :(10:30
malit seems to have been disabled11:31
testcatanybody get retroarch or emulationstation working on droid414:57
testcatwould be fun since it has a keyboard14:57

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