Monday, 2019-10-21

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rodrigoNico, i installer docker05:50
rodrigo& use your command05:50
rodrigothis is result05:51
rodrigomkdir: cannot create directory `/home/nemo/build/.mb2': Permission denied05:51
rodrigo docker run -it --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)",target=/home/nemo/build -v rpmbuilddir-arm:/home/nemo/rpmbuilddir-arm coderus/sailfishos-platform-sdk /bin/bash -c "cd build && mb2 -t SailfishOS- build05:51
rodrigohelp me06:19
Nico[m]You have to make your current directory writable to the user in the docker container. The easiest way to do that is by doing chmod o+w . -R06:19
adantesDows anyone more in here xperiment issuues with waze using XA2?06:19
rodrigoyes i create directory06:19
rodrigorun is ok06:19
adantesIn order to unction corrctly between runs, I always need to reinstall de app06:19
rodrigothis is log06:24
rodrigoNo such file or directory-' why06:28
rodrigoi installed ubuntu 19.1006:29
adantesare any updates for stability in the android support to be released soon?06:31
adantesXA2 issues here06:31
ViGeadantes: If you have issues, please report them via tjc. But please do a quick search on the site to check if the issue has been reported already.06:34
Nico[m]rodrigo: As I said, you need to make the directory writable to the user inside the docker container06:40
adantesViGe: tnx. Seems like som ppl are experiencing general issues when using a XA2, can't say if those issues aresolved, so is the Waze app06:45
adantesin general it works great, I just need to reinstall it before use06:45
adantes1-2 min max06:46
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