Tuesday, 2019-10-22

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Mister_Magisteri've just got a briliant idea. i will make SFOS porters RPG game for sailfishos where you will be collecting team members aka porters and defeating enemies aka porting phones with spells like get dmesg or smth xd06:04
Coolgeekand NPCs are testers ?06:13
Mister_MagisterCoolgeek: yeah or something06:14
tadzikNPC could give you quests, like "hey my pulse meter doesn't work on my jPhone 3SX06:37
Mister_Magistertadzik: but that ain't sfos so06:41
tadzikMister_Magister: but what if you wanted to port sfos to it?06:49
tadzikthat may be an Epic Quest06:49
Mister_Magistercould be06:50
Mister_Magistertadzik: NPC could be other beginner porters give you quest like "camera is not working could u help"07:56
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