Friday, 2019-11-01

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adantesDoes anyone use sailfish in their gemini pda?11:13
adantesI'm giving it a shot, but seems to drain more battery than Android (like 20% in abou an hour, finerterm oly11:14
adantesand some tweaks11:14
lachs0radantes: current sfos has an issue where connman is terrible11:17
lachs0rit seems to poll wifi networks periodically and waste a LOT of cpu time on it11:18
lachs0rat the same time it causes lipstick (the compositor) to lag11:18
lachs0rand network i/o to stall11:18
lachs0rif you disable wifi, battery runtime should improve11:18
nycteaadantes, I am11:18
nycteaI get about 6 days from my batteries, but indeed I don't use wifi11:19
nycteajust 4G11:19
lachs0rxperia x barely lasts one day with wifi enabled, several days with it disabled11:19
lachs0rjolla 1 lasts weeks with it disabled, 1-2 days enabled11:20
adanteswifi issues11:23
lachs0rlowkey wondering what’s lacking from networkmanager and whether replacing connman would be a huge undertaking11:23
adantesnyctea: 6 days?!11:23
lachs0rbecause nm is far more mature than connman11:23
adantesThat's the reason I ditched Android11:23
nycteaadantes, on my normal use, yes - I don't use it very actively though11:23
lachs0rthe wifi stuff is definitely a regression anyway11:24
adanteswith ssh we can be as much productive.. and dont need those battery draning procceses11:24
nycteamyeah, terminal + ssh is my most used application :P11:25
adantesimho, this gemini thing is just wonderful11:26
adantesmost of the time I spend it in terminal and ssh, why losing so much battery with google services, scooping our system11:26
adantesI considered debian for gemini, but supoprt seems stalled11:27
nycteaonly thing I miss is a signal client - and maybe whatsapp, though it's mostly my familiy that considers this a problem11:27
lachs0rI wonder how hard it is to bring fingerterm’s silica branch back in line with master11:28
lachs0rbecause the non-silica keyboard is just hateful11:28
nycteaadantes, but you can't call with debian om gemini, right?11:28
adantesnyctea: may I suggest you trying a virtual machine11:29
adantesaka remote desktop11:29
adantesthanks for the tip in wifi11:29
nycteassh -X, you mean?11:29
adantesshutdown already11:30
lachs0rbtw, working on a transit app for the puget sound area (and some other regions using the same API) while I’m in the united states (as an alternative to the OneBusAway android app)11:30
nycteaor znc11:30
adantesaspice, or vnc11:30
nycteaeh, vnc11:30
nycteaHmmm I could try11:30
adantesit works :P11:30
nycteathat does sound interesting11:30
adantesMy machine is actually a remote server, ad thats why the terminal +ssh11:31
nycteavnc sounds like it uses a lot of data though11:31
adanteswhen desktop X needs ssh -X still suck for the job11:31
nycteaI'd need to go to wifi again, temporarily11:31
adantesI find x2go perfect for dev machine11:31
adantesand aspice for the desktop needs11:32
lachs0rSPICE is decent for this, yeah11:32
adantesvnc is outdated indeed11:32
adantessecurity flaws and so..11:32
adanteslachs0r: spice is perfect11:32
lachs0rit’s amazing how little effort it takes to write decent apps with qml/silica. I got like half of it done in one day after years of not doing anything with qml11:32
adantesand so is x2go11:33
adantesLove them11:33
lachs0rlive coding is very nice. can test 3 devices simultaneously with very fast cycles11:33
adanteswith a gemini pda, youre always connected to your machines11:33
adanteswhen at the office, conect via arch, just to use different keyboards and monitors11:34
adantesNow my ssue was the battery draining11:34
adanteseven with killall app, damm google services always come up, to suck a bit11:35
tadzikwell, you don't need to have google services on an android phone either ;)11:36
lachs0rI sure hope the connman issue gets fixed with the next update. preview still has it :/11:36
adantestadzik: its a headache to remove them, remembers me the one when trying to remove explorer from winows xp11:37
adantesnaaa... no use. ditch them11:37
tadzikadantes: ah yes. I was thinking more of installing an android distro that doesn't have them in the first place11:37
tadzikyou could say that sailfish is an example :)11:38
adantesI'm a mobile dev. I f#$% need them for client apps11:38
tadzikah, that sucks11:38
adantesyou bet11:39
tadzikI'd consider getting a separate device just for work in that case. I had a separate SSD for windows when I needed it for work11:39
tadzik(it still screwed me over, I'd go for a VM next time)11:39
adantesso,I need those things, and an ios device as well...11:39
adantestadzik: eactly! therefore the dualboot in gemini11:40
tadzikah, nice :)11:41
adantesand while trying the sailfish, this battery drain issues, that you guys just gave a precious tip11:41
adantesit's ok to earn money developing for android and ios; and despise using them.11:42
lachs0rif I were an android dev I’d quit my job asap11:46
lachs0rwould rather clean toilets for the rest of my life than subject myself to this hell11:47
lachs0rsame with webdev tbh11:47
tadzikheh, I started doing webdev recently for work, and I actually enjoy it more than backend these days11:49
tadzikit's not that I like the tools though – I just like the challenge11:49
adanteswell, it's ok.. a huge target11:54
adantesI've actully been doing it since Android 1.6, and iPhone 311:55
adanteswhen mobile were a nerdy thing11:55
adantesand phones went as smart to pick your data and save it in the servers of a compayabroad11:56
adantesj2me was a huge thing .. too bad was ditvhed11:57
tadzikI hate the web stack, but I see it as the only hope to break the mobile app duopoly11:57
adantestadzik: react native?11:58
tadzikit's either PWAs or always being the third-class citizen if you're not on the popular platform11:58
tadzikadantes: that honestly sounds like the worst of both worlds to me :P11:58
tadzikweb stack without the cross-platformness11:59
adantesI was never found of that as well.. The example I gave my students was that they use a car to drive, ad a boat to sail; if hybrid was such a good thig, they should buy a hovercraft12:00
lachs0rqt can target android and ios fwiw12:00
lachs0rseemed to work okay last time I tried12:00
tadzikright, but "ios and android" is exactly the kind of cross-platform that I consider not good enough12:01
tadzikeven if we include sailfish in that we're still screwing over every upcoming alternative12:02
lachs0rit also targets blackberry, symbian, sfos, desktop, what have you12:02
tadzikhm, perhaps12:02
tadzikadantes: heh12:02
lachs0rmuch easier to work with than webshit, no question about it12:02
lachs0ralso much easier than native android APIs12:03
adantesnative Android is quite easy12:03
adantesGoogle has it very well documented12:03
lachs0rit’s a fucking disaster12:03
lachs0rnot at all12:03
lachs0rdumping doxygen output somewhere is not well documented12:04
adantesnever had that much difficulties, excepto for this suden paradigm change with jetpack, and Androidx12:04
adanteswell, trial and error, something must work :-)12:04
lachs0rgetting simple UI behavior implemented is very unintuitive12:05
lachs0rnothing works the way I’d expect12:05
adantescant complain12:05
adantesdump doxygen.. that one is very good12:06
adantesclients fll all the time :-)12:06
lachs0rfirst time I wrote an android app I tried to make a formatted list view that auto scrolls when new content is appended (but only if scrolled all the way to the bottom already)12:06
adantesohh its very well documentd they say.. .yeah... dpraise doxygen i think12:06
tadzikfrankly, I'm not so sure if Qt is actually easier to work with than web crap12:07
adanteslachs0r: that requires some previous knowledge12:07
lachs0rsounds simple enough but I gave up after half a day of not finding a clean solution to that problem12:07
tadzikdepends on what you already know really12:07
adantesthat was somehing I didnt found very intuitive at first12:08
lachs0rtadzik: well when I used qml/silica for the very first time it was all very very intuitive12:08
tadziklachs0r: I wish I could say the same. Having used Qt with C++ before it was all *very* wacky12:08
adantesthat seems very cool qml12:08
lachs0rand I had no trouble figuring things out just clicking around in the documentation for qml and silica12:08
lachs0r(which I mostly did just to find the name of whichever widget I was looking for)12:09
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KabouikHey all. My Xperia X Compact running SFOS ran out of battery last night and now it won't charge up, red blinking LED all the time. It seems to indicate that the battery is not charging, but I have tried 4 different chargers and 3 USB-C cables (that used to work).16:13
KabouikI have not changed anything on the system before it ran out of battery, no SFOS update nor any application. Any ideas?16:13
KabouikVolume up + power does not change anything. Maybe fastboot?16:13
Nico[m]1Did you try letting it charge for 30 minutes or so?16:18
fledermaushow long have you left it charging?16:18
KabouikMore than 8 hours now fledermaus16:30
KabouikThough it was unplugged a couple times to try things loke VolUp+Power, connection to PC, VolUp, VolDown, etc.16:31
KabouikThis is not the first time it runs out of battery, but it never caused any issue afterwards.16:31
KabouikUsually I get the battery icon on the screen, showing up in red when the charged amount is too low to boot, then white when I can boot it (usually after 2 or 3%). But now I do not get this icon, just the blinking led.16:32
fledermausdoes the manual for the phone itself suggest anything? (service manual etc if such a thing is available)16:38
KabouikI did not see any, no, except Sony forums suggest volume up + power, but no effect.16:49
Kabouik,-power-&-charging/the-device-doesnt-seem-to-charge/ there is this, but nothing works17:02

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