Saturday, 2019-11-02

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lachs0rokay, according to dbus-monitor connman is scanning wifi networks every 3 seconds and then dumps all the info through dbus03:36
lachs0rvery. slowly.03:36
lachs0rusing a lot of cpu time and also stalling lipstick as well as all network io on the wifi interface03:36
lachs0ralso it is infuriating that there is no perf package03:37
lachs0r(and no kernel-source for that matter!)03:37
lachs0rso I wonder what causes connman to poll wifi networks every 3 seconds. this is definitely not a thing it should be doing03:38
lachs0ralso jesus fucking christ jolla people need to learn how to write commit messages instead of references to private bug trackers03:43
lachs0rthis is infuriating. how is anyone supposed to contribute to a project when development is so opaque03:44
r0kk3rzkernel sources are available04:27
r0kk3rzwhich device?04:27
lachs0rxperia x, but nvm that04:32
lachs0rtraced the problem to connman/plugins/sailfish_wifi.c04:32
lachs0reither the autoscan intervals are too short or the timers actually get added multiple times04:32
r0kk3rzfor future reference04:33
lachs0rwould be nice if those were actually packaged and installable04:33
lachs0rinstead of just the headers04:33
* lachs0r mumbles something about gpl violations04:34
r0kk3rzas in source packages?04:35
r0kk3rzim not sure we've got source packages for anything04:36
lachs0rwe actually do04:37
lachs0rI’m getting kinda fed up with the way sfos is built and how little opportunity there seems to be for me to contribute to the base system04:38
r0kk3rzyeah well jolla runs the show04:39
lachs0rmer packaging is just BAD and a lot of copy/paste from fedora packages (which are NOT GREAT in terms of QA)04:39
lachs0rnow I kinda want to get a project going that is managed more like opensuse tumbleweed04:40
lachs0rbut I cannot even do that as I’m unable to even get the OBS interconnect to work and is broken04:41
lachs0rsorry if I’m ranting a little too much but I just don’t think this is how you build a community04:42
lachs0rthe fact that the best we have in terms of independent software repositories is openrepos is just sad. I think we can do a LOT better than that04:43
r0kk3rztheres a number of glaring issues with openrepos, but nobody has built an alternative04:44
r0kk3rzthe guy who runs it doesnt care about sailfish anymore04:44
lachs0rit seems to me like everybody is just expecting jolla or someone else to fix all the glaring issues with sfos for them, and of course that never happens so people jump ship04:45
r0kk3rzsome people are like that sure, but the community devs either left or were hired by jolla04:47
lachs0rdefinitely need better community resources. a real issue tracker, obs repos with a project hierarchy and actual package review, more documentation on basic app architecture and design (to help beginners develop better apps)04:48
r0kk3rzthe mer bugzilla was never really used04:50
lachs0rnot surprising04:51
r0kk3rzthe public obs is just for the core packages04:51
lachs0ryeah, and it’s very messy04:53
r0kk3rzyeah its easy to look at the wrong project04:54
lachs0rhonestly I wish I could just replace connman with networkmanager because at least nm is mature and works (plus it has vpn support already)07:16
lachs0rconnman cannot even keep track of interface state reliably07:18
lachs0rokay I think I found the offending line in connman but I have no idea why it’s there. sailfish_wifi.c has some of the worst state management code I’ve ever seen09:22
lachs0rlbt / Sage_: can I get accounts at and
lachs0r(also sorry for overreacting just now, just frustrated because the impact on battery life is so severe)09:28
PaulePanterHi. I installed the Signal App from some Android store three(?) years ago.09:44
PaulePanterIt looks like it was never updated.09:44
PaulePanterWhat store do you recommend for Signal?09:44
* PaulePanter is currently using LibreSignal 4.1.0 which was abandoned in 2017. :(09:52
r0kk3rzlachs0r: you have a tjc account?10:03
lachs0r btw10:04
r0kk3rzok, message lbt with the username10:04
r0kk3rzlachs0r: do you have a hidden ssid network configured?10:06
lachs0rr0kk3rz: no10:07
r0kk3rzdo you have many wifi networks around you?10:08
lachs0roh just disconnected the wifi and it’s lagging again (more severely)10:08
lachs0rso there are two issues10:08
r0kk3rzah ok10:08
r0kk3rzive seen that before10:09
lachs0rwell hang on, trying to debug this further10:10
r0kk3rzlachs0r: if you want help with middleware layers and debugging tricks or whatever, you can join the #sailfishos-porters channel10:12
lachs0rno I see what’s going on10:12
lachs0rthe autoscan interval is constant 5 seconds10:12
lachs0rway overkill imo10:12
r0kk3rzjust an fyi10:12
lachs0rokay looks like it’s resetting the autoscan interval every time10:15
lachs0ryeah, wifi_device_bsss_changed10:18
lachs0rit forces 5 seconds while the screen is on10:18
lachs0rthat is dumb10:18
lachs0rit should not change behavior just because the screen is on. if the user wants the phone to connect faster, they’ll just do it manually imo10:19
lachs0rthis will just drain the battery like crazy for no good reason10:20
r0kk3rzlachs0r: share your findings with spiiroin10:26
ender|<lachs0r> xperia x barely lasts one day with wifi enabled, several days with it disabled ← i never had this problem - my Xperia X takes about 2 days to discharge to around 50%, at which point i charge it again13:42
adantesender|: turn off the wifi was a great option. Since yesterday, I guess that, in normal use, Ive just lost 10% in gemini, and in XA213:44
ender|interesting. i've got about 20 wifi networks available here, and it's never been a problem for me13:45
malstrange, for me xperia x has very good battery life with wifi enabled, maybe some app is using internet connection a lot?14:26
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abransonyeah i think there's something else going on if he's getting such high drain compared to others15:27
malabranson: from my experience xperia x has probably the best battery lifes of the devices15:43
olI was experiencing high battery drain in Riga city centre with WiFi enabled on Jolla C.15:49
malI think it depends on how much wifi hotspots are around16:39
r0kk3rzyeah ive seen it start to choke in cities21:50
r0kk3rzon jolla c21:50
lachs0rwell I’m in seattle now, so lots of wifi networks around23:47
lachs0rit wasn’t a problem in my home town23:47
lachs0rI did notice some battery drain with wifi enabled but it wasn’t nearly as bad23:47
lachs0rI’m about to check whether this change fixes the wifi power consumption on the tablet (it’s always been suspiciously high)23:49

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