Monday, 2019-11-04

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rubdosSomeone working on getting Rust to work in a more-or-less clean way in sb2?10:12
rubdosLast thing I see is with  a DO NOT USE tag10:12
rubdosRunning rustup in sb2 seemed to work, but that gives some creepy log messages.10:13
Nico[m]1While I haven't played around with Rust in combination with Sailfish, I had quite a few bad experience with getting it to work with a musl based OS, so it doesn't really surprise me, that it fails with sb2 ._.10:19
rubdosSFOS uses musl?10:19
Nico[m]1No, but the sb2 environment uses some kind of libc forwarding10:20
rubdosAh okay, that's probably why some c related stuff doesn't really play well10:20
rubdosonly reason that I need to build it in sb2 is because of the C linkage :-(10:20
wdehoogrubdos: I have build librespot using yocto.10:22
wdehoogin case you are interested:
wdehoogI only tested the binary briefly. it seemed to work10:23
rubdoswoah, people use yocto to build sailfish stuff?! :O10:25
rubdosinteresting though10:25
Nico[m]1LLVM (which rust relies on) also used to have some issues on Sailfish btw:
rubdos... maybe I should just cross compile on my host system10:27
rubdosthis all sounds waaaay to scary :)10:27
rubdosor compile the thing on my phone...10:27
rubdosbut that doesn't work with CI10:27
rubdos(is there gitlab-ci for LTE connections?)10:28
rubdosthanks for the links, gonna read them10:28
wdehoogI could not get rust itself build on obs or sb2 so I had no other way.10:28
rubdoswdehoog: rustup on sb2 *seems* to do something, but as soon as you go use scary things (like proc-macro2) it starts to hate you10:28
wdehoogunfortunately meta-rust does not support buidling rust and cargo itself10:29
rubdosI suppose having native Rust as an RPM package would be cleanest indeed...10:29
wdehoogfunny this proc-macro2 stuff is also a problem when buidling rust on yocto10:29
Nico[m]1Well, the proc macro is also the reason you can't actually compile rust with the default musl toolchain... Because it is code that is dynamically loaded and dynamically loaded code isn't supported by the official musl toolchain...10:30
rubdos^ that's probably the reason I segfault on arm and hang on i486 then10:32
rubdosso native cross-compiling it is10:32
rubdos... anyone got qtcore and qtmetaobject running in a cross compiler? :D10:32
rubdosMaybe I can link in sb2, but build in a cross compiler?10:33
Nico[m]1Could you grab a sailfish image and setup a VM? Could be easier ;p10:34
rubdoswhy use a VM when I have an octa core phone laying around ....10:35
Nico[m]1Yeah, that works too :D10:35
Nico[m]1But hard to use in CI10:35
rubdosYou're claiming VMs are any easier to use in CI? :D10:36
Nico[m]1Gitlab CI? Yes, usually10:36
rubdosMaybe I can just grab a raspberry pi 4 and have that compile the thing for armv710:37
Nico[m]1I used them quite extensively at some point10:37
Nico[m]1Then you still have the problem, that you need to link to the correct C libraries10:37
rubdosah right10:37
rubdosI need the Qt stuff on Sailfish, not the Qt stuff on Raspberry :(10:38
rubdosI guess I should just write it in C++ then10:38
Nico[m]1That's what I did :D10:38
rubdosIt's how I started, but then I felt the pain of C++ again10:38
Nico[m]1But you could also try compiling on your phone,and if that works, you can just image your phone and use that as a build VM10:39
rubdos... and now I feel the pain of getting Rust to work with Qt on a cross target.10:39
rubdoslol, image my phone10:39
Nico[m]1Or use the Emulator as the build VM10:39
rubdospretty sure it'd work though10:39
rubdosbut then why do I have a threadripper...10:39
rubdosah right, emulator10:40
rubdosgonna go for lunch now, gotta teach in 1h10:40
Nico[m]1You could run the VM with 16 cores?10:40
Nico[m]1Enjoy your meal. I hope there is not too much rust in it ;p10:41
rubdosThe annoying part about running it in a VM is the poor integration with SailfishOS SDK13:42
rubdosif I'm doing it in Rust, I at least want the almost out-of-the box experience for contributers..13:42
rubdosHeh, I don't ge the unimplemented syscalls anymore in SailfishOS platform SDK:
rubdosNope, still segfaults :)14:11

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