Wednesday, 2019-11-06

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Mister_MagisterDoes sailfishos support LDAC?12:21
Mister_Magisterwell why am i even asking sfos has so old base that it 100% does not12:42
malyou mean that some codec with that name?12:48
lachs0roh my god yet another shitty proprietary bt audio codec12:54
lachs0rI hate bt so much12:54
lachs0ralso, SBC is actually just fine if you just use a high enough bitrate (certainly better than e.g. aptx), which sfos does afaik (lineageOS as well)12:55
Mister_Magistermal: yeah13:38
Mister_Magisterlachs0r: i have bt too13:38
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frojndHi there.14:49
frojndI just got OTA update notification...14:49
frojndIn the meantime I switched data off... and wifi off14:49
frojndAnd now wifi on...14:49
frojndHow can I Check if it picked downloading again?14:49
ochernoSF OS has not been sold in US market, is there a way to get it anyhow ? VPN? etc? Pay someone to download in EU ?15:08
lachs0rocherno: vpn/proxy works15:27
ochernowill try, thanks15:30
Krikkeso what happened with google play store in xa2?16:01
Krikkeit was working fine until two days ago16:02
Krikkenow it won't update16:02
Krikkeyalp store and aurora store can't login16:02
Krikkehow to update packages?16:02
KrikkeI updated to 3.2 like a week ago so can't be it16:02
albertuxxperiax - update to Torronsuo----  All fine, OK.16:06
Krikkeah well, rebooted, now it works again16:12
Krikkewas never gonna get support from jolla anyway16:13
kakkukukkaI might buy an XA2 and SailfishOS but I wanted to know if someone knows if this config mitigates . Would anybody here be knowledgeable on that?19:14
r0kk3rzkakkukukka: what config?22:34
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