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rodrigosolariNico hello04:39
attahIs there a proper way to get current connection type, and SSID when applicable? ...or do i hassle with dbus?10:48
r0kk3rzproper way?11:05
r0kk3rzconnman dbus api would have it11:06
attahWell, i meant more QT-like apis11:06
attahdbus is a bit of a PITA with the odd addressing schemes11:07
r0kk3rzpresumably lipstick must have a middleware somewhere11:08
attahtrue... but i'm trying to be harbour-friendly :/11:09
Nico[m]1You should be able to use statefs, i.e. the Internet/NetworkName property11:25
Nico[m]1There is a qt API for it11:26
Nico[m]1I have the statefs-qt5 and contextkit-statefs packages as dependency11:28
attahhmm, nice... and they let that be published?11:28
Nico[m]1With that you can create a contect property, that you can read and connect to for changes11:29
Nico[m]1I think so11:29
Nico[m]1I haven't actually tried running the harbour validator on that, but it is one of the core APIs afaik11:29
attahcan't see them here
Nico[m]1Line 83?11:34
attahlibvorbis? O.o11:35
Nico[m]1Ah, I was looking at this list:
attahSo i was reading the wrong file :)11:36
Nico[m]1I just got that link from the FAQ, so yes, although I can't really spot the difference in the URL :D11:37
attahi think it is project vs linking or something11:38
Nico[m]1Otherwise you could fallback to the filesystem, everything of statefs is available in /var/run/state11:38
attahnow if only there was any documentation for statefs-qt5...11:40
Nico[m]1Yeah, I had that issue too :D11:43
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Nico[m]1You probably need something like this11:47
attahyeah, probably... i'll make it very thin and consume the state in QML i think11:49
Nico[m]1I think there is also a native qml api for it...11:50
attahthat would be neat11:53
Nico[m]1Hm, I can't find it though ._.11:55
Nico[m]1On the other hand, you could probably just create the contextProperty in C++ and pass it as a qml context property to qml... Man those names are confusing :D11:56
attahhmm , that's probably a good idea11:57
attahNico[m]1: Any hint on how i get that include to resolve?12:41
linqeverybody here?12:57
arorarSorry for the re-post but I am still stuck after leveraging the recent target while attempting to build SailfishOS for the Xperia X10 Running into the following Installed cryptsetup via sudo zypper in cryptsetup and initird-logos by building an RPM. The error persists. Any ideas?13:43
rinigusarorar: you would have to install it via `sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in `...14:14
rinigusbut I wonder why it is not pulling it as a dependency14:14
arorarWill give that a shot @rinigus. Thanks. Seems like atleast for the initird-logos; its been moved to a new repo recently14:22
andrnilsHello! I'm sort of starting to look for a new phone, and hoping to run sailfish on it at some point. Is there any roadmap of which sony phones will be supported by sailfish?15:59
attahXperia 10 seems to be next in line16:03
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malandrnils: there is mention of Xperia 10 in here
andrnilsi was hoping for Xperia 5 as well16:25
malandrnils: xperia 5 is not listed as supported in sony open devices website16:30
andrnilsah, bummer16:50
Nico[m]1attah: Sorry, I was afk for a bit16:55
Nico[m]1Did you use pkgconfig for those packages I listed before?16:55
attahno worries16:55
attahno, i was completely unaware that was a thing in this fully integrated thingamajig16:56
Nico[m]1I use this line in meson:16:56
Nico[m]1networkstate_dep = dependency('contextkit-statefs')16:56
Nico[m]1Ah, so you figured it out already?16:57
attahnope, just found something else to fail at in the meantime16:57
attahdon't even know where to begin looking for where i'd put that16:57
attahI'm using this SFOS SDK thing... so i have no idea what is going on under the hood16:58
Nico[m]1What build system are you using?16:58
attahyes, that appears to be what is used, but i barely see anything of it16:59
Nico[m]1I think you need to add a line like this:17:01
Nico[m]1PKGCONFIG += contextkit-statefs17:01
attahOkay, thanks... will try when i circle back to that problem17:01
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* Nico[m]1 sent a long message: < >17:02
Nico[m]1What is your other issue?17:03
attahWell, the general screwyness of providing list(model)s from C++ to QML17:03
attahbut it is progressing... just slowly and painfully17:04
Nico[m]1I found subclassing AbstractItemModel to be pretty straigtforward17:05
arorarThanks @rinigus installing those packages via sb2 -t worked. But now I am stuck with
Nico[m]1If you have any specific problems, maybe I can help you. Otherwise following the Qt documentation should work17:05
attahNot entirely with you there... and it is a metric shitton of boilerplate compared to e.g. pure QML17:06
attahCurrently no specific issues, but i'd be happy for suggestions on how i should model my problem17:06
rinigusarorar: getting closer than ever! for the errors like this, check out
attahI'm making a share-to-printer plugin, and have implemented a IPP client... now i'm looing to make a list of settings that the user can choose for their print job17:07
Nico[m]1Hm, I'm used to using such horrible APIs that everything in qt feels like a breath of fresh air :D17:07
attahGuess i'm spoiled...17:08
rinigusarorar: in this case, and rebuild ofono17:08
Nico[m]1Are those options dynamic?17:08
Nico[m]1If not, I would just hardcode the list without a list model :D17:09
rinigusarorar: sorry, ofono-ril-binder-plugin17:09
attahCurrently i'm looking to have a list of options that i can sort of know the generic implementation can deal with, some of which may not be supported by a given printer17:10
Nico[m]1Yeah, then maybe a list model makes sense17:10
attahAlso ContextMenu isn't supported elsewhere (yet)17:11
attahanyway... need to make dinner, bbl17:12
Nico[m]1Why are you trying to implement the model in C++ though? Maybe a pure QML is enough for you, if you prefer working in QML?17:13
attahIt is a matter of encoding/decoding tools for the protocol... but maybe if i could throw an entire "object" over the fence that could help17:14
attahi'll explain in more detail later17:14
Nico[m]1Well, enjoy your food :317:14
arorar@rinigus: and after I downgrade what do I need to re-run?17:15
Nico[m]1Yeah, or a list of options17:15
rinigusarorar: I guess `rpm/dhd/helpers/ --version` and proceed with building (sed, process_patterns, and then mic)17:16
arorar@rinigus: Thanks, shall give it a spin.17:22
arorar@rinigus: Unfortunately that didn't help17:27
rinigusarorar: pastebin17:28
arorar@rinigus: Interestingly when I do the sb2 -t ofono it suggests that its already installed17:41
rinigusarorar: you have to rebuild the ofono-ril-binder-plugin. it was built when you did rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw17:55
rinigusso, first downgrade the source as I linked to earlier17:55
rinigusthen run `rpm/dhd/helpers/ -b hybris/mw/ofono-ril-binder-plugin`17:56
rinigusafter that, with --version , sed, patterns, and mic17:56
rinigusarorar: ^17:57
attahNico[m]1: crap... i should have read up on my data formats better... several of them are enums where the names are only known from the specification18:19
rodrigosolari** Installing runtime librariesinstall -> /usr/lib/ cannot create regular file `/usr/lib/': Read-only file system20:50
rodrigosolari" /usr/lib/ " is Read-Only20:50
Nico[m]1attah: That sounds like fun :D23:25

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