Monday, 2019-11-11

rodrigosolari:)  hello00:41
arorar@rinigus: Thanks a lot. Success. Img(s)  built but seems like we are not there yet. On running phone boots but with a black screen and the LED lighting up.01:02
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panzeroceaniajust heard sailfish will work with pinephone, I'm excited about this!05:20
r0kk3rzpanzeroceania: work was done on the dev kit05:44
r0kk3rzi think one of our guys also has the pinetab05:46
rinigusarorar : during flash that's expected. Or is it after flash when booting into os?05:49
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arorarrinigus: after the flash, doesn't seem to boot into the OS11:21
arorarAll I am seeing is a blank lit up screen11:21
rinigusarorar: sorry, can't help you with that. maybe some of mw's got messed up, maybe something else. I would expect them to release images soon...11:26
arorarrinigus: Aha. Not a problem. Thanks a lot for your help!11:31
rinigusarorar: welcome! managed to make it work?11:33
arorarrinigus: Not yet. Shall get it to it later today. Shall give it an E2E spin.11:46
frojndHi there.15:22
frojndIs there any other browser than "default one"? Couldn't find any on jolla/open repos...15:28
frojndA lot of pages just doesn't work on default browser which is a shame :(15:28
Nico[m]1Webcat for example is an alternative15:29
Nico[m]1I think there was also Webpirate? No idea how actively developed both are, as the default browser works well enough for me15:29
frojndThanx.. it seems they use the same web engine.. same pages won't load for me...15:34
frojndHey,.. is NFC supported now on 3.2 and XA2?15:35
Nico[m]1No, they are using Webkit, while the official browser uses gecko15:35
frojndWould love to enable/dissable gps on NFC tag...15:35
Nico[m]1There is also an upgraded Webkit you can use with Webcat, i think15:35
frojndHm.. do you know where could I get it? Is it on open repos?15:44
frojndI installed it from jolla..15:44
Nico[m]1Open repos, yes15:47
Nico[m]1But be careful, it may break stuff15:48
frojndDo you know anything about NFC?15:50
Nico[m]1Nope, sorry15:50
Nico[m]1It is usually mentioned in the release notes though, if NFC works15:51
frojnd for Sony 10 there is yellow (Y)15:51
malnfc works in xperia 1015:52
malsame way as xa2, so a bit limited support but still something15:53
frojndHm on that harware page there isn't even XA2 :p15:53
malthat usually doesn't have official devices15:53
frojndWhat do I have to do in order to deploy my project to the virtual device16:42
frojndOk rename it ot harbour-testtest16:43
frojndValidation failed when executing step "RPM validation"16:44
malyou can disable validation also16:48
frojndOk.. I just renamed it.. .build it and deployed it but how do I deploy it to the running virtual device16:49
frojndI clicked "run" but no app I can see on emulator16:50
malhow did yo udepley it, as rpm?16:56
mal*you deploy16:56
fledermaushuh. do the volume buttons no longer work on the XA2 on the latest update?17:30
fledermausodd. tweaking the volume via the touch ui has made the volume buttons work again buut there's no ui indication (unless you have the touch ui for volume open)17:32
* fledermaus tries turning it off and then on again 17:32
fledermausthat seems to have done the trick. guess something died.17:39
adantesfledermaus: XA2 here, with sfos 3.2 updated, no trouble with volum buttons18:46
adantesno trouble at nothing; on the contrary, no I arrive my car and it automatically connects to it via bluetooth.18:47
adantes5 stars work on that stack18:47
fledermausadantes: as I said above, erbooting fixed it, But thanks.18:48
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