Wednesday, 2019-11-13

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frojndmal: Yeah, as rpm (3 different rpms)08:44
frojndDo I have to set anything in emulator?08:49
malno, it should work if the deploy settings are ok, is emulator starting?08:53
frojndEmulator is running08:54
frojndLet me qill it and it should start after I press deploy right?08:54
malit should start automatically08:58
frojndIt doesn'nt09:37
frojndI will reinstall everything..10:42
frojndI don't see play button in latest sdk:
frojndWhat am I missing. Any devs here?11:24
malwhat is in the menu that open from the button with app name and debug etc11:26
frojndYou mean right click on harbour-test1 ?11:27
frojndThere I see play11:28
malno, I mean the fifth buttom from the bottom in left bottom corner11:28
malthat is where you select which build target you use and select device and so on11:29
frojndThere I can choose from arm/i48611:29
frojndAlso under device I see emulator11:30
maland if you select from the last part "deploy as rpm package"11:30
frojndmal: then I see green play on the left side bellow Debug11:32
frojndAnd I pressed it and I see errors: Error: /home/nemo/RPMS/harbour-test1-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm has wrong architecture: armv7hl11:33
frojndThank you mal11:33
frojndI switched to i486 for emulator and it works now11:34
malyes, that is of course needed :)11:34
malgood that it works now11:34
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x2s.oO( I need an app that resets the baseband modem for the X. Going into flight mode doesn't seem to be reliable anymore )17:29
fledermausx2s: going into flight mode works for me but on the XA2 when travelling I often had to reboot the phone when getting off a plane as it would repeatedly say I needed a reboot since I had changed the sim (while at the same time successfully receiving SMS and data)17:43
fledermausDidn't happen every time though, so maybe some little-tested code path that gets hit while roaming.17:44
x2sfledermaus: well, it worked fine before the last update with the flight mode, although it's pretty annoying that I have to deal with this at all18:31
fledermausfair enough, just adding a datum.18:34
fledermausthere's definitely something a bit shonky with flight mode.18:35
tanghusAnyone knows how to debug adding an email account? I'm on a newly flashed XA2 with v. and I keep getting timeouts when trying to add an account. I can connect to the mailserver, and I am certain I use the correct settings. Unfortunately I don't have access to the server logs.19:23
fledermaustcpdump on a machine on the network you're on?19:31
fledermauslike if your AP is a turris or an openwrt box, run tcpdump there.19:31
tanghusI'd have to read up on that.19:32
tanghusNa, it's some junk that came with the cable provider.19:32
fledermauswell you're probably hosed anyway because the IMAP server is going to talk TLS encrypted IMAP to your phone.19:32
tanghusI'll ddg tcpdump19:32
fledermausso all you're going to see is encrypted packets.19:32
tanghusAh, that won't be much help.19:33
tanghusLast time I tried something like that was in the 1990s :D19:33
fledermausso if you _really_ want to do this, get a small server or a VPS somewhere, whack a simple unencrypted IMAP/SMTP server setup onto it, and test it there. but really you want someone with access to the server on this one.19:34
tanghusHe, a bit too much. I was just hoping for some trick with journalctl, which I know nothing about how to use.19:35
fledermauswell it'll be journalctl -x -f to tail the current log19:36
fledermausassuming it's logging to there.19:37
tanghusThanks. I'm a total novice with that "new stuff" ;)19:37
tanghuswith devel-su?19:38
tanghusfledermaus: I'll use a life line ;)
adantestanghus: can't help.. using toeterm and mutt in a remote server, is my strategy20:14
adanteswell, toeterm, ssh + term + whatever terminalbased; is actually more like this20:14
tanghusadantes: thanks. Why would you use mutt? To check the server? On other clients it works fine.20:17
adantestanghus: I've just got used to it20:21
adantesmy desktop is always on... inside a remote screen instance20:21
adantesis a way of working.. a fully encripted and sage way of producing work :-)20:22
adantestanghus: mutt is the de facto client for terminal20:34
adantesI doubt you find any bug on it20:34
adantesI guess that the mail client for sfos is really good, as are the other apps previously installed with the os20:35
adantesin my personal case, the #1 reason I changed for sfos is that it bothers me a little that google or apple wants to know so many things about me. They are seeming more and more like the old lady that lives next to me and knows at what time I leave, my son and my wife arrive, what clothes I should be wearing, to where I go, according to the clothing, etc. etc. etc.20:38
adantesNow they implemented that thiong called accessbility, which is an euphemism to capture and read your screen literally, so neither if using a terminal based app like I do in eveyday work is safe for those digital old ladies know it all20:40

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