Thursday, 2019-11-14

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tanghusadantes: yeah, same here. The days of "do no evil" are long gone. I do still have a gmail account for backup (e.g. switching between ISPs), but really should find an alternative for that as well. But no, the SFOS mail client is really not especially good yet, but I'm still hoping they get the time to improve it. Maybe get some Russians to work on it 😁05:24
tanghusI'm a long time KMail devotee though. Had to use Thunderbird for a year or two because of Akonadi (shuddder), but it doesn't really cut it.05:26
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alsHi all07:52
alsWhat is the difference between free sailfish os and sailfish os07:54
alsThe one with payment07:54
alsI want to know if I will install free sailfish os on Xperia can I install Android app without to pay07:56
alsI know if I buy sailfish os I can install the Android app07:57
alsBut I want to know if I can install the Android app to free sailfish os07:57
Coolgeekthe pay one have android support, predictive text on the keyboard and exchange support07:58
alsAnybody here?07:59
alsBut on free sailfish os can I install Android apps?08:00
alsI want to know before to buy an Xperia XA2 and before to install the OS08:01
Coolgeeknot sure08:02
chriadamals: Android application support is a paid feature only, as far as I understand.  the community edition does not include Android application support, I believe.08:04
alsWhat alternative is to Google play?08:06
alsAptoide ...08:06
als ...08:07
chriadamyandex store08:07
alsThese alternative are installed on Sailfish os?08:07
alsOr I must to install08:08
r0kk3rzinstallable through the jolla store08:09
alsYandex is for Russian Market08:11
adantesals: just support the devs, they have families like you ;-)08:12
adantesals: it's more than worth. I've got two: Gemini and in XA2;08:12
adantesGemini wasn't battery charged since last thursday08:12
Coolgeek2 here too : jolla 1 and xperia x08:12
adantesxperia XZ is awesome. Had one as well. sold it to upgrade to xa208:13
alsI will buy the paid OS08:15
alsI want an alternative to Android or IOS08:15
alsHow is the Sailfish ?08:16
alsDo you receive the update monthly?08:16
adantesals: it's a wise decision. It's not just the added value we pay for our phones. Is the support you give to the project08:16
alsSuch as security patch?08:16
adanteshonnestly, don't notice that much08:17
adantesI'm more a stable version guy. Don't try to fix something that's not broken08:17
alsI followed the project since 2013 but I decided now to make part of it because there offer possibility to install on other phones08:17
adantesThe latest sfos 3.2 is really nice and stable08:17
adantesnot feel the need to update whatever08:18
chriadamals: regular updates, yes.  not necessarily monthly, just whenever they are ready - see for info about recent updates.08:23
alsHow many app exist in SFOS Jolla store?08:26
chriadamno idea.08:27
alsAre you satisfied with Sailfish OS?08:28
chriadamI'm a developer for Jolla, so you're asking the wrong person - I'm biased.  I believe that Sailfish OS fills a vital void in the marketplace, being an independently developed operating system which respects users' privacy, so yes I am a huge fan of Sailfish OS and its mission.08:29
chriadamof course, nothing is perfect, there are many things which need improvement and it's great that we have customers (both commercial and private) who are willing to help us make those improvements and support our efforts.08:30
* chriadam heads home, gnight all08:35
sledgesPSA: SFOS community collab meeting at #mer-meeting starting right about now:)09:02
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freyr69After update optimizations my device is dead10:14
freyr69Jolla 110:14
freyr69shows logo, and then black screen10:14
freyr69is there any hope to reanimate it?10:18
r0kk3rztried recovery?10:19
freyr69Is there a guide?10:20
r0kk3rzthere is10:20
freyr69volume down + power?10:20
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alseemeHi people,14:01
alseemeIn Jolla store there is paid application?14:02
rodrigosolarii have a questionim building in platformsdk in arm arch, is ok16:55
rodrigosolaribut in x86 +same errors16:56
haasnHmm, after updating SailfishOS it removed my shell (zsh) and it no longer exists17:02
haasnI have to use bash now; what happened?17:02
haasneven `zypper search zsh` finds nothing17:02
rodrigosolarizypper search bash?17:05
haasnbash is installed17:06
haasnincidentally, `zupper update` shows a ton of updates but all of them fail getting fetched17:06
haasnsince the jolla repo does not provide those .rpms or something17:06
haasn 2014 :/17:07
haasnI guess it's just no longer compatible and got uninstalled by some update?17:07
rodrigosolariwhat is you version of Sailfishos17:07
rodrigosolariwhat is your model17:08
haasnJolla 1st gen17:08
rodrigosolariI imagine that it is for version 3.2, why there is no version of zsh, but if you have bash, what would be the difference?17:10
haasnComfort mostly, plus this pretty much bricked my ability to use the device (had to boot into recovery mode to change the term)17:11
haasnHmm, I also can no longer listen to music.. /usr/local/bin/mpd is missing dependencies. Time to recompile it, I guess17:11
haasnwhat a bothersome update17:12
rodrigosolariIt should be annoying, could you send some screenshot? to see the differences of that version?17:14
haasnHmm, I can't even use basic utilities like `wget` anymore after this upgrade, and `zypper in wget` finds no candidates17:24
haasnThis is so weird17:24
haasnSomething is seriously wrong with this version of SailfishOS and the package manager O.o17:24
haasnseems like `pkcon` works a bit better than `zypper`. I guess the days of using a somewhat familiar interface is over17:25
Nico[m]You could try version --dup or zypper verify from the commandline17:49
haasn"Fatal error: nothing provides /bin/zsh needed by zsh-5.0.2+mer1-1.1.24.jolla.armv7hl" I don't understand this17:52
omnihaasn: I had the exact same issue with zsh, the package is broken19:13
omniI worked around it with 'pkcon download packagedir zsh' and 'rpm --nodeps -i packagedir/zsh-5.0.2+mer1-1.1.24.jolla.armv7hl.rpm'19:14
omnithe zsh binary end up as /usr/bin/zsh19:14
omnisubstitute packagedir with one of your choosing, /tmp or whatever19:16
omnithe update broke my installation too, tried to hack it together but ended up doing a reset and then going through all stop releases19:18
omnididn't take me much longer than a full day, all-in-all, including a late night19:19
alseemeCan I change the service center for messages?19:44
alseemeI want to know if I can choose to change the app for messages with Google app "messages".19:45
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lachs0rhaasn: this is the problem with openrepos22:22
lachs0rit does not use OBS and does not require uploading package sources22:22
lachs0rso packages never get rebuilt and you have no way to easily do it yourself either22:23
r0kk3rzhaasn: remember to refresh after updates ;)22:24
lachs0rthat too22:24
lachs0r(autorefresh is not the default)22:24
r0kk3rzpretty sure wget is in mer-tools22:25

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