Friday, 2019-11-15

AlmindorI can't do anything with armv7hl target with the latest SDK. I just get a hang if I click it in the IDE, same if I ssh in the build engine and try to install any package via zypper. i486 target works fine tho. Is this a known bug?01:13
r0kk3rzsounds like a problem with the repositories01:40
r0kk3rztry a refresh first01:40
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Almindorr0kk3rz: no it hangs right off the bat on the command or switching to the target in the visual tool. there's no downloading or anything. I did get some RPM error 1 msg show up in the visual tool once03:28
r0kk3rzignore that and ssh into the build engine03:29
AlmindorI did and if I do $ sb2 -t SailfishOS-$SFVER-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper update it hangs such that even ctrl + c doesn't stop it03:30
AlmindorI can still do another ssh tho so it's not the whole VM, just the zypper thing03:31
Almindorthere's a mersdk    2262  6.5  0.6 115824 24228 pts/0    Sl+  03:31   0:00 /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic -L / -0 zypper /usr/bin/zypper update03:31
r0kk3rzyeah, might be worth nuking the target and remaking03:32
Almindorand it fails with03:32
Almindorerror: cannot open Packages index using db4 - Resource temporarily unavailable (11)03:32
Almindorthis on a fresh start of the VM (manual start, tried everything)03:32
Almindorhow do I do that?03:32
Almindorthx, I'll check it out03:34
AlmindorI get The target 'SailfishOS-' can only be removed in the 'installer' mode.03:46
Almindorhow od I get into "installer" mode?03:46
Almindorif I try to do update instead of remove I get error: db4 error(11) from dbenv->open: Resource temporarily unavailable03:54
Almindorsame as with any package03:54
Almindorgoing to reinstall the whole thing03:54
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freyr69Ok, with new update I could not login in Jolla Account anymore, neither can I create a new one. Some obscure error during my trials said something like "could not store app keys" or something. I could log into my acc using desktop just fine. Any idea how to fix that?08:40
haasnomni: thanks, now zsh works again (even though I get spammed by warnings)09:54
haasnI also like how the update broke DST09:55
haasnI have to manually set the time, using NTP makes it show up as an hour earlier09:55
haasnhonestly I wish I could just revert09:55
haasnI have nothng but problems with and it's also uglier than before (the stupid frosted glass effect, how do I get rid of it?...)09:56
lachs0rhaasn: you can patch the qml09:59
lachs0rnot sure which one you mean10:00
lachs0r(it didn’t break DST for me, fwiw)10:00
lachs0rfor the qml stuff: look for instances of BlurredBackground in /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt510:04
alseemeHello people10:05
alseemeHow many apps are in Jolla store?10:06
alseemeI must to install aptoide for app?10:07
tadziknot many – but you don't have to :)10:07
tadzikdepends on what you need10:08
alseemeWhatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Messenger, Outlook, LinkedIn, Revolut...10:09
tadziktelegram has a native app, no idea about the others10:09
tadzikbut if you want android apps then yes, you're gonna need aptoide or something10:09
alseemeOk, Thank you for your information10:10
alseemeAny apps for linux can work on SFOS?10:11
tadzikcan, yes. The UI can be a bit tricky to adapt, but generally you can take almost anything you can compile on linux and compile it for sailfish10:11
alseeme:)  Tks10:12
alseemeHow many people work in developing Apps for SFOS ?10:13
tadzikhmm, hard to say10:13
tadzikit seems faily low these days10:13
tadzikyou can check the activity on
tadzikthat's where the interesting stuff happens10:14
alseemeWhy SFOS doesn't use any other phones, just Xperia?10:17
tadzikwell, non-official sailfish works on many phones10:18
tadzikbut Jolla only made if for Xperia10:18
tadzikpresumably because it takes time and money to develop it for something10:18
alseemeIt was a good ideea if they continue to develop for Nokia phone because there are cheaper than Xperia10:30
alseemeby Sony10:30
alseemeFrom what I saw on Youtube the SFOS have the goodest interface comparing with IOS and Android10:31
alseemeCan I install the SFOS on Virtual machine?10:44
r0kk3rzone comes with the sdk10:48
haasnwow it's getting better and better11:03
haasnI can't even hang up calls11:03
haasnthe UI is unresponsive11:03
haasnheck it's even unresponsive when attempting to _make_ calls11:04
haasnI seriously need to downgrade11:04
lachs0rhaasn: sounds like something is very broken11:04
lachs0rjolla 1, right?11:04
haasnthis version broke WAY too much11:04
lachs0rbtrfs fuckup?11:04
haasnfs seems fine11:04
haasnall the files are there11:05
lachs0rI haven’t upgraded my jolla 1 yet but it’s running the version right before current with no issues11:05
haasnthat I know of11:05
haasnI skipped a ver in the upgrade process11:05
haasnmaybe that fscked things up11:05
lachs0rdon’t think so? done that before11:06
lachs0rwere you running an old version of patchmanager? pre 3.011:06
haasnI've had a patchmanager icon in the settings app for years11:08
lachs0rif you still had patches enabled, that may have fucked things up11:08
haasnif I click on it, it fails loading the page11:08
haasnbeen that way for years too11:08
haasnI only had one patch and iirc it was disabled anyway11:08
haasnsince it didn't work as intended11:09
haasn(for lockscreen media controls)11:10
lachs0ralso make sure you don’t have any openrepos stuff enabled that provides system packages11:11
lachs0rbecause all the repo managers to openrepos are hot garbage and fail to assign a lower repo priority11:11
lachs0rso a dist upgrade might pull in the wrong packages11:11
lachs0r(lower than jolla/sfos repos)11:12
abransonif you use the upgrade UI, then that should disable any non-system repos for the upgrade.11:26
lachs0rgood to know11:29
haasndon't think I have any openrepos stuff?11:40
haasnzypper lr just shows the ones11:40
Hummer12007Inspired by the works of Georg Cantor, Ernst Zermelo’s 1908 axioms for set theory and the 1922 critiques of Zermelo’s set theory by Fraenkel and Skolem, von Neumann’s work provided solutions to some of the problems of Zermelo set theory, leading to the eventual development of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory (ZFC). The problems he helped resolve include:12:14
alseemeIf I choose to install Sailfish OS trial, later can I install the commercial components wthout to flash the SFOS image?12:24
alseemeHow can I install the commercial components ? It is easily ?12:25
pketoalseeme: yes, you can just later buy the licence and the paid components will be then installable from store12:42
sledgesPSA: Christmassy SFOS release wants to bring out your inner linguist:
Almindorreinstalling the whole SDK fixed the target issues18:11
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bionade24Are there any guides on how to rewrite a "normal" qt application to a sailfish one?20:47
Nico[m]I don't know of any, but you would probably need to start porting its UI to QML21:11
bionade24Nico[m]: Any guide for this? Or simply start a complete rewrite on top of the c++ code ?21:21
Nico[m]Nope, sorry. You could look into partially replacing the UI one bit at a time, by using a window container or QQuickWidget, but I don't know of any good guides, I just did something similar like that by reading through the Qt docs21:29

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