Wednesday, 2019-11-20

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andrnilsI see now that both Xperia 5 and Xperia 1 are listed in the aosp, and since they have very similar hardware, I hope to see SailfishX for them :)12:52
Sebbanbut all their phones released this year are so tall (/long?) that it's difficult to sit down while they are in still the pocket13:06
Sebbanbut I guess you are supposed to bring the phone out as soon as you sit down and stare into the screen :D13:07
Sebbananyway, I'm hoping for foldable smartphones soon (with Sailfish on them of course)!13:10
andrnilsI find most modern smartphones big enough to not fit comfortably in my pockets when I sit down13:24
andrnilsSebban: did you see motorolas new interpretation of the razr?13:24
Sebbanyeah, I would like something like that, compared to Galaxy Fold which folds in the other direction13:25
Nico[m]The razr would have a problem with gestures from the bottom though, I think13:26
Sebbanyeah, a flat phone that folded exactly in the middle would be nice13:28
andrnilsI like that there seems to be a bit more experimenting with the form factor now, the glass slate phones were becoming a tab bit boring13:42
andrnilsI find the razr to be a bit to wide for my liking though13:43
Mister_MagisterHow to pick directory using silica pickers?18:31
mcencorahi. did anyone use Sailfish images for Jolla 1 from here ?18:40
mcencoraI managed to flash and boot lvm/ext4 images18:40
mcencoraOS bootsup, but Wifi is broken18:40
mcencorasettings->about->WLAN MAC address is empty18:41
lachs0rKrikke: didn’t notice battery drain like that from 3G/4G but wifi is definitely broken in some ways18:42
lachs0rI have a patched connman build that reduces wifi power drain significantly18:42
lachs0r(10-20% over night is more than I’d expect on xperia x fwiw)18:44
mcencoracoderus: did you experience such problems with wifi? ^^18:46
coderusmcencora: did you flash same version?18:47
coderuslast time i tried it was working18:47
mcencorawhat do you mean same version?18:47
coderusMister_Magister: oh. you just cant.18:47
Mister_Magistercoderus: lovely. what do i do then, steal silica code?18:48
Mister_Magisternah i'll let users type path idgaf18:48
coderusMister_Magister: in my app i select file from folder18:49
Mister_Magistermakes sense18:49
coderusor write own picker :)18:49
rinigusMister_Magister: I had to do it for osm scout server. see
rinigusas always, based on coderus work on pickers19:31
Mister_Magisternvm i will make them type path idgaf19:32
Mister_Magisteranother question. Is there some signal on when you are going to the left from attached page?19:32
Nico[m]The status of that page should change, iirc19:33
rinigusMister_Magister: something like page.status?19:34
Mister_Magisteryeah discovered that change19:34
coderusMister_Magister: seems you hate users :D19:43
Mister_Magisternot really hate. I don't make app for them, i make apps for myself. They don't pay me19:44
Mister_Magistercoderus: that reminds me… they wanted download feature and i made it but… it's not really working i'm only pretending that it's working xd but noone complained19:47
SimeraxWhere is the right place to ask questions about android app integration and possible problems?21:04
coderusSimerax: tjc21:39
Simeraxcoderus: thanks22:06

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