Thursday, 2019-11-21

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coderusmcencora: i mean same sfos version. could be different boot kernel/modules and wifi wont work. you can try to reinstall from repos kernel and modules using 4G, so it will upgrade boot on update16:22
coderusah, upgrading boot meand you cant boot to ext4/lvm without flashing boot again...16:23
coderusso, which version you trying? i'm currently using 3.2 ext4 on my jolla 1 and it works just fine.16:23
Simeraxhow would i go about implementing some kind of error message or popup in Sailfish UI? The only popup that i have found is the "remorsepopup" but of course this isn't really fitting. Maybe im just thinking about this wrong and i don't need a popup at all. Im handling input of a textinput field and if the input is wrong i want to tell the user why it's wrong something like "this already exists" or "text is empty"20:44
SimeraxWhat would be the idiomatic way to tell the user about an issue with more then just rejecting it20:44
Nico[m]I usually just have a label below or above the input field with the error, that is made visible, when there is an error message for the user. No idea if that is idiomatic21:08
coderusSimerax: try login with bad credentials or register new account with already taken name and check how it looks natively in sfos21:45
Simeraxcoderus: thanks, i already checked how it looks when i input a wrong pincode for example...the thing is there is so much space on the lockscreen that its really easy to just "hide" an errormessage and then just displaying it. In my view there isnt so much space and i thought maybe there is some way to get around this. I guess i will do it like the lockscreen or like Nico said21:48
coderusSimerax: TextField have error properties and label to display red text below21:49
Simeraxcoderus: ouuh that's really neat! i just found "errorHighlight" which turns the complete TextField red. How would i display text below it?21:53
Simeraxor do you mean a seperate label below the textinput which just gets filled with an errormessage21:56
coderusSimerax: label property22:00
Simeraxcoderus: alright got it working! thanks :)22:07
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