Saturday, 2019-11-23

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attahIs it possible to change the resolution of the emulator? I wanted to check how broken my apps look on the LongPhone(tm)11:00
attahOkay, i give up... how does one "properly" insert things before a SilicaListView?15:34
attahI don't care if it is inside the PageHeader or not, as long at it can still have one *somehow*, even if it is in some other component15:35
malwhat are you trying to add there?15:40
attahA ValueButton15:40
malwhy do you want it there?15:41
attahWell, it is quite different from all other settings in the list, in that it doesn't exist in the model, or should output to the model15:42
attahand as such it can also do with a visual separation from the rest of the things15:43
attahkimmoli: Is it reasonable to suspect you have an IPP-enabled printer?19:09
kimmoliat office yes20:46
attahcool... UI is pretty much funtional now... but i have more cleanup to do (and it is still a standalone app, not a plugin - for easier testing)20:47
kimmoliok. i have done couple simple shareui extensions20:48
attahgood to know, doesn't look too bad tho20:49
kimmoli this i have in daily use20:51
attahoh, that's a really cool idea20:52
attahBut i'm becoming torn between making it a plugin and having it "ok for harbour"20:57
kimmolimake a "lib" and do both?22:05
attahyes, probably the best idea22:08
attahso some experience with appropriate abstractons for shareui will be very helpful then22:09
attahi have pushed a lot of the logic over to QML now, not sure how well that will work for making a lib... but i guess qml has good reusability too22:11
attahanyway... off to bed... g'night22:13

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