Sunday, 2019-11-24

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Chi7ooshhi, having problems mounting a sshfs folder11:47
Chi7ooshtrying sshfs to mount remote folder on phone but command returns: -bash: sshfs: command not found11:48
Chi7ooshany kind of tip would be much appreciated11:49
Chi7ooshinstalled a few days ago but everything seems different since coming from ubuntu11:50
Chi7ooshalso all results on google are about mounting sailfish folders on other linux devices, which i have no problem with11:51
attahInstalled SFOS, or sshfs?11:55
attahIt appears to be its own thing, and only depend on openssh11:56
attahAlso not immediately available from the repos11:56
Chi7ooshseems i have by default the fuse.conf so supposed they're on the device. should i install openssh too?11:58
attahdid you install any specific sshfs thing, like this ?11:58
Chi7ooshnot yet, will do so and come back for feedback11:59
attahso no surprise it is not found imo12:00
Chi7ooshok, so this rpm -i /home/nemo/Downloads/sshfs-fuse-2.10-1.armv7hl.rpm returns package sshfs-fuse-2.10-1.armv7hl is already installed12:05
x2sthe check the package contents and see where sshfs got stored12:06
x2smaybe it's just not in your PATH12:06
Chi7ooshput it myself there12:07
Chi7ooshunfortunately says it's already installed12:07
Chi7ooshalso created fuse group, added my user, restarted, tried under root, let me think what else12:08
x2suse rpm to see the content of the package12:08
x2sit shows you where sshfs got installed to12:08
x2salternatively you can use find to search for it12:09
x2sit got probably put in /sbin or /usr/sbin which is usually not in the PATH of a regular user12:09
x2s(and if you don't know what I'm talking about please ask and don't act like you know)12:09
Chi7ooshi'll do my best before asking, thanks for helping :)12:10
x2sno, thou shall ask! ;)12:11
attahif sbin, try running it as root, since that is part of the path then12:12
x2sSince it's fuse it should be run as user :)12:13
x2sso /sbin/sshfs should work. But it has to be in /sbin12:13
Chi7ooshnothing looks like that in /sbin or the other12:14
Chi7ooshok, so now works12:15
Chi7ooshthink because i installed it12:15
Chi7ooshdunno what happened12:16
attahlooks to be in /usr/bin12:16
Chi7ooshsshfs returns missing host12:16
Chi7ooshsee `sshfs -h' for usage12:16
Chi7ooshyes, it's there alright12:16
Chi7ooshin /usr/bin12:17
Chi7oosheverything good here, have any idea why didn't work in the first place considering that installing the package returned already installed?12:20
Chi7ooshalso would want to ask for a x forwarding software recommendation, something like x2go, can't find anything but vnc related stuff12:21
Chi7ooshand a last one, my mobile data connection is unstable, always have to wait between ten to twenty minutes before it starts working, any idea why that happens?12:23
adantesChi7oosh: I use the aspice pavkage for android, for all the other solutions I've gfound were a LITTLE SHORT IN FEATURES :-p12:24
Chi7ooshwill take a look on that, thank you very much guys, you were really helpful12:25
x2soh, there's another application that uses spice? I thought qemu was the only one. I wonder why RedHat never really pushed it more into the open12:25
x2sChi7oosh: what phone do you have?12:26
x2sAn X? Because the modems there are known to have bugs...12:26
Chi7ooshoneplus 3, using the image from xda12:26
Chi7ooshlast one12:27
Chi7ooshexcept the mobile data issue i'm very pleased with the device, actually my first smart phone ever, really glad i don't have to take my laptop everywhere12:31
x2sI have no experience with the oneplus 3. Maybe you should ask the community on
Chi7ooshx2s: will do so in the future12:46
Chi7ooshadantes: do you use aspice on sailfish?12:47
attahAm i really out of luck on having a context menu on things that are not ListItems in a SilicaListView?14:47
LouisDKDoes anyone know what mmcblk0p13 should contain on the Jolla Tablet16:37
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coderusLouisDK: what the pasrt label?18:09
coderuslooks like it "logs"18:16
Chi7ooshtrying to add sshfs mount to fstab with no success.19:38
Chi7ooshanyone encountered this problem?19:39
Chi7ooshso in sailfish's fstab i have this: user@place:/path/   /mount/to/path/  fuse.sshfs     delay_connect,_netdev,identityfile=/path/to/key,port=xx,allow_other,default_permissions  0 020:03
Chi7ooshtried with and without these and other options20:05
Chi7ooshexpressing it like this too: sshfs#user@host:/remote/path /local/path fuse delay_connect20:06
Chi7ooshnothing seems to work20:06
Chi7ooshalso added user to fuse group and triple checked everything20:09
Chi7ooshif anyone encountered this problem, any hint on how to solve is highly appreciated20:10
Chi7ooshworks in terminal but not in fstab. could be something related to delay_connect and _netdev missing some timings?20:23
attahTIL: QJsonValueRef -> toVariant() -> toJsonObject() takes a JsonObject that was a value, and makes it an empty object20:44
Chi7ooshwill take a look into that for sure21:29

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