Wednesday, 2019-11-27

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dcaliste_Hello chriadam, sorry for the disconnection yesterday, power supply issues in the building.07:44
chriadamdcaliste_: no problem :-)07:45
dcaliste_Thanks, I'm looking at rebasing and checking MR!1707:46
Mister_MagisterHmmm Someone has suggestions on how to make notch support? i changed height and y: in ApplicationWindow.qml and apps are fine but gui is one of a hell broken08:01
Mister_Magisteri need to change it on higher level08:01
Mister_Magisteror change some lipstick components like top menu or home screen08:03
r0kk3rzsquish the wayland window dimensions?08:06
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: i was thinking of leaving indicator icons in notch area08:06
r0kk3rzthen yes, change th homescreen qml08:07
Mister_Magisterwhen i change applicationWindow apps are fine but app drawer and lockscreen and top menu aren't ;-;08:07
KonsieurHey all, all the virtual keyboards (including number keypads) on my Jolla C were borked after I updated OKBoard on a pre 3.0 SFOS version (using Storeman). The keyboards did not show up and froze the applications when I tapped in the text field.08:59
KonsieurTherefore I uninstalled OKBoard using devel-su pkcon remov okboard-full.08:59
KonsieurAnd now I just have a white screen when booting my Jolla C after the SFOS splash screen. I believe the white screen appears when I'm supposed to type the device lock code, or maybe the SIM code. Any ideas?09:00
KonsieurI can try to get into recovery mode but I'm not sure what to do next.09:00
chriadamKonsieur: do you have developer mode enabled, i.e. can you ssh in?09:01
Mister_Magisterwhite screen would mean that qml broke09:01
KonsieurIt is enabled but unfortunately the device was turned off with Wifi OFF and USB mode set as "Pick when USB is plugged in"09:01
KonsieurSo I can't SSH without interacting with the phone chriadam :(09:01
chriadamunfortunate.  perhaps pketo would have some suggestion?  otherwise, recovery mode is looking like the best bet.09:03
KonsieurYeah Mister_Magister, the symptom kinda reminded me of my first mistakes with Patchmanager. But that time I didn't mess with Patchmanager. I was merely using the Jolla C without installing anything, patiently waiting for the Pro1 to be delivered09:03
KonsieurThat's also the reason why I didn't take the risk to upgrade SFOS, it was just a backup phone until delivery09:03
Mister_Magisteroh pro1 user interesting09:04
Mister_MagisterKonsieur: try booting with usb in09:05
Mister_Magisterit should give you usb connection09:05
Mister_Magisterat least ports od09:05
KonsieurNope it didn't, but not sure if it's because USB is set as "Pick mode when plugged in" or because I have a device lock09:06
KonsieurAnd yeah future Pro1 user with the port Mister_Magister, I intend to install it asap and report what I can on Github09:06
* Mister_Magister runs09:06
pketoyeah, recovery it is if you can't ssh in.... not sure what you should do in recovery.... probaly enable persistent journal then reboot, reboot back to recovery and check the logs where the problem is09:07
chriadammost likely the custom keyboard package broke something in silica09:07
chriadamgood news is that it's most likely a .qml (i.e. text, human readable) file which can be edited to fix the issue09:08
KonsieurYeah, the problem complicating things is I don't have internet connection when in Recovery mode09:08
KonsieurAnd can't fix things by forcing updates/reinstalls09:09
Mister_MagisterKonsieur: that can be done tbh09:09
chriadamshouldn't need internet connection.  as pketo said, you just enable persistent journal, reboot, then reboot back into recovery mode to read the journal to see what the error was.  then fix the .qml file which caused the error (should be mentioned in the journal)09:11
KonsieurMeh, but I see that neither pkcon or zypper are available in the recovery shell anyway09:11
KonsieurAlright, I'll try that. Do you know the command line to enable persistent journal?09:12
pketoKonsieur: you need to chroot to the actual rootfs to use rpm or anything like that09:12
Konsieur(Found out that I need to chroot /rootfs to get zypper)09:12
pketoto enable persisten journal you need to edit /etc/systemd/journald.conf09:13
pketoset storage=persistent09:14
KonsieurDone, thanks, I'll reboot now09:14
KonsieurMany errors (it's an old unused device, probably left it in a bad state or used it to fiddle around some years ago)09:20
KonsieurBut there indeed is a "Nov 27 08:27:22 Sailfish systemd[1063]: Failed to start The lipstick UI.09:20
Konsieur" which seems to concur with the qml issue09:20
chriadamno error mentioning specific .qml file?09:22
KonsieurI'll try to grep on .qml09:22
chriadamif nothing, what does `systemctl --user status lipstick` say - could be blocked on a dependency09:23
KonsieurIt says 'Failed to get D-Bus connection: Operation not permitted" but I'm root09:23
KonsieurAnd here is the grep on .qml:
chriadamyeeks. is not providing needed symbol09:25
chriadamunfortunately that's not fixable with a text editor09:25
KonsieurAny way it could happen with just upgrading and then removing OKBoard? I mean Patchmanager is installed on the phone, but I have not used it in months09:26
chriadamno idea what okboard provides or does.  seems unlikely, though..09:26
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KonsieurWould there be a way maybe to use the commandline to do the following:09:29
Konsieur- Remove the devicelock (I know the code)09:29
chriadamis libnemothumbnailer installed?09:29
Konsieur- Select USB mode as Developper mode automatically09:29
KonsieurSo that I can boot normally, plug USB, ssh in and reinstall Silica?09:30
chriadamI don't know much about devicelock unfortunately.  denexter has gone home for the night, otherwise I would ask him.09:30
chriadamif you ping me tomorrow, I can follow up09:30
KonsieurNot sure how to check if libnemothumbnailer is installed.09:31
KonsieurThere is a /usr/share/lipstick/devicelock/devicelock_settings.conf file I could perhaps edit to disable the devicelock at boot09:33
chriadamdoes /usr/lib/ exist?09:33
KonsieurBut I'm struggling to identify which option would do it09:33
chriadampossibly?  I don't know anything about devicelock unfortunately09:33
chriadamand any change could permanently brick the device, really09:33
Konsieur /usr/lib/ exists09:34
chriadamok, so it is installed.  that's not the issue then..09:34
Mister_Magistermaybe pkcon removed smth09:34
KonsieurYep, unfortunately I don't see any option to show pkcon history09:35
KonsieurI could check what it did when uninstalling okboard-full yesterday09:35
Mister_Magisteri don't use pkcon, zypper ftw you can actually see what it's doing09:36
KonsieurI use them interchangeably but I guess I should have preferred zypper last night09:37
chriadamI have to head off unfortunately - good luck09:37
KonsieurAny way to just fully reinstall Silica if I can get Internet connection in the recovery shell?09:37
Konsieur(Using this for instance
chriadam`zypper in -f sailfishsilica-qt5` should work09:39
* chriadam -> home, gnight09:39
KonsieurOk, thanks, I'll try to get network connection in the recovery shell then09:40
pketopackage installation/removal history is in /var/log/zypp/history09:43
KonsieurNice. Here is what seems to have changed when I upgraded then removed okboard-full because it didn't work (probably because I'm on Sailfish 2.x):
KonsieurFirst line to show that nothing happens in several days before that09:46
KonsieurOk so I can ping my computer from the recovery shell and I set the computer as a router, so I can ping too from the recovery shell09:52
KonsieurBut unfortunately I fail to add a nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf09:53
KonsieurI think this is the only thing missing to get proper network support09:53
Konsieur'bash-3.2# echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf' returns 'bash: /etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory'09:53
KonsieurYet /etc/resolv.conf does exist, but is empty, and sudo nano to manually add the server fails too for the same reason09:54
KonsieurPerhaps an issue related to chroot, since I believe /etc/resolv.conf is just a symlink?09:54
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Mister_Magisterby the way, piggz_'s camera ftw. Every time i take picture on x2 when i click button it looses focus and every photo is blurry while using piggz_'s camera everything is fine as it should be11:17
Mister_Magisterwe are close to redoing every jolla's app but better11:18
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KonsieurI can't seem to get network working in the recovery shell. I can ping my computer and even ips of websites, but dns resolution does not work12:30
KonsieurDespite having 'nameserver' in /etc/resolv.conf12:31
KonsieurIs there something I should check?12:31
KonsieurAnyone with a Jolla C can tell me where is the original resolv.conf file, not the symlink in /etc/resolv.conf?12:44
KonsieurIt seems to be /var/run/connman/resolv.conf in Jolla 1, but there is no /var/run/connman directory on my Jolla C12:44
Konsieurcoderus perhaps you would know? Sorry to bother you, but I see that you were one of those who replied in a TJC thread about someone wanting to change his resolv.conf on Sailfish X12:45
coderusKonsieur: what the problem? resolv doesnt exists? check stat of /etc/resolv.conf or la -la it15:03
Konsieur /etc/resolv.conf existed but it was empty (in recovery mode at least, which might be expected since it is a symlink of /var/run/connman/resolv.conf, created at boot)15:05
KonsieurIn the end I gave up and did a factory reset15:05
KonsieurBeing in the first batch of the Pro1 would have spared this reset and potential data loss :p15:05
KonsieurAdding 'nameserver' in /etc/resolv.conf did not help resolving domain names anyway, so zypper was still failing to get rpms from the repos15:06
LouisDKCould somebody please tell me the current version number of the aliendavik package in Xperia X with SFOS 3.2? :)16:45
r0kk3rzwould still be 4.4.421:27

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