Thursday, 2019-11-28

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hahlogot problem to install fastbootdriver, I point the device manager on folder but windows won't take the driver :P09:00
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Mister_Magisterguys… when i click on disabled Slider app crashes18:38
rubdosI'm waiting for a black friday sale on the xperia 10... :-/21:04
rubdosbut it's not coming, apparently21:04
Redfoxmoonrubdos, might get lucky on cyber monday21:18
rubdosgood point. not sure whether that's popular here though21:33
andrnilswell, you might not be as crazy as me who bought the xperia 5 on the off chance that there will be a sailfish port22:52
remarcrubdos, on you have xperia 10 for 199 euros22:54

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