Monday, 2019-12-02

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fledermausis there a way to get some debug info out of the calendaring app to figure out why it doesn't add new clendar entries when [not] syncing?15:28
haasnI have developer mode enabled but the phone no longer automatically pairs with my PC17:43
haasni.e. it doesn't enable developer mode, just charging17:43
haasnin the past, when I plugged it into my pc, I got "developer mode enabled"17:43
haasnI can work around it by uninstalling developer mode and reinstalling it, but why the heck is this necessary?17:44
haasnafter doing that, the next time I connect, I get the popup "developer mode" or "charging only"17:45
haasnand I always choose "developer mode" but for some reason it likes to 'forget' this fact and go back to charging only?17:45
attahHAve you looked in the USB settings in the settings app?17:48
haasnit says "default mode: always ask"17:48
haasnand "charging only mode in use"17:48
haasnthere we go17:49
haasnjust changed it to "developer mode always"17:49
attahsure, why not17:49
haasnNow it works again, thanks :D17:49
attahbut always ask was borked you say?17:49
haasnapparently so17:49
attahmaybe it got out of sync with the UI17:49
haasnbut even in the past it only asked once17:49
haasnlike I get the sense that it's supposed to remember the choice17:50
haasnor something17:50
haasnbut it remembered the wrong choice and never asked me a second time, for this computer?17:50
f4stmanWhich device you guys would suggest for the sailfish os?19:20
f4stmanIm looking for something that has frequent software updates, currently im having a problem with unmaintained android roms for my devices.19:21
Redfoxmoonfaenil, Xperia 10 or Xperia XA2 basically19:42
Redfoxmoonrrrr wrong eprson19:42
Redfoxmoonf4stman, ^^^ ******19:42
Redfoxmoonor one of the many variants of the two19:43
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f4stmanThink i'll buy one of those then. Thanks.20:47
RedfoxmoonI've got the Xperia 10 myself, very pleased with it20:47
andrnilsI'm still hoping for support for the 1 and 5, as they should be pretty similar. Anything one humble owner of one of those phones could do?20:51
andrnilsI think sailfish is struggling with pickup due to lack premium phones20:55
andrnilsI'm not saying it should be premium only, but a lot of "tech geeks" who I think would be willing to play around certainly would want to do it on good hardware20:56
RedfoxmoonIt's struggling to pick up speed because it's not apple and google20:58
andrnilswhere I live the XA2 to has been unavailable for a year or so, which is not good if one wants to attract new owners20:58
andrnilsRedfoxmoon: yes, the non-standard android app store is a bit of a hassle20:59
Redfoxmoonyay to having android apps at all though.21:00
Redfoxmoonthe only thing I don't like about this phone is "Vipps" a norwegian payment app is borked21:00
Redfoxmoonthinks the phone's rooted, which is hilarious21:00
andrnilsbut I find it easier to work around that than dead hardware.21:01
andrnilsDont get me wrong, my collegeas had the n900, we all got the n9 and the boss and I got the Jolla phone21:01
Redfoxmoonmy primary reason for buying and flashing an Xperia 10 was simple however21:02
Redfoxmoonno google21:02
Redfoxmoonfuck google.21:02
andrnilsI certainly liked the "other half" thing, had the keyboard one. It wasn't much use once the screen on the jolla lost like 15% of touch sense21:03
attah@Redfoxmoon: Don't give Swedish equivalent Swish any ideas ;)21:03
andrnilswell, I don't like either google or apple, but they are the current "standards". "all you can do is live with it"21:04
andrnilsbut I would certainly want to cut back on google a bit21:05
attahThat's fine until they start hiding public serviced behind various eIDs etc...21:05
andrnilsI'm not sure what you mean by eIDs, but in some ways they certainly do hide stuff, like everything in their "play store" if you are not kosher enough. And yet the fight a lawsuit against Oracle for the use of an api. What are android apps and google play store if not apis?21:08
andrnilsAnyways, enough ranting from me tonight!21:08
attahElectronic IDs21:08
attahAs in government services requiring proprietary solutions for identification..21:09
f4stmanI started to use the custom ROMs to degooglefy myself, now im looking into this stuff. Anyways, my solution to the banking and govt requiring botnet is to have a separate device for that.21:09

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