Tuesday, 2019-12-03

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Mister_Magistermal: any idea how could i add top margin to all apps?07:46
dcalisteHello chriadam, how are you ?08:06
dcalisteThanks for the merges in CalDAV.08:06
chriadamhi dcaliste08:08
chriadamI'm well thank you08:08
chriadamI hope you had a good week?08:08
dcalisteYes, it was fine. I've begun to work on QML bindings for Buteo::SyncProfile.08:11
chriadamah, nice08:12
chriadamI haven't yet tagged those caldav MRs which were merged, I will do so in the near future (will be adding some change for the server-side iTIP scheduling support soon)08:12
dcalisteNot yet ready, far from being in fact ! What about your work on invitation sending ? I've seen the CalDAV WIP MR.08:13
chriadamafter some more investigation I discovered I was wrong - for server-side scheduling, no need to add the iTIP METHOD:REQUEST etc stuff08:13
chriadamjust need to ensure that the ORGANIZER is set to the value which the server recognises as the "current user" - which is reported from a user-address-set request08:14
chriadamthe mailto:username@server.com value08:14
chriadamso I'm working on something in caldav to perform that request, parse the mailto address, and return that value from the caldavinvitationplugin08:14
chriadamso we set the organizer field properly when creating events in calendar08:14
chriadamafter that, I can look into client-side scheduling (i.e. actually sending iMIP emails, etc)08:15
dcalisteGood, I think it's yet another area where I need to check if they changed something upstream about the fact that organizer is always added as attendee and how mkcal interact with this, because we still have lot of code in incidence handler to add or remove organizer.08:16
chriadamyes, I was thinking the same08:16
dcalisteAll these things are not crystal clear for me at the moment…08:16
chriadamnor I08:16
dcalisteI've seen you've worked on modifications to be propagated once kcalcore!13 is accepted (the one day shift missing on exportation), I thank you. I'm preparing a WIP MR in CalDAV for it also.08:18
dcalisteAnd one in the icalendartool.08:18
chriadammy MRs are probably incomplete, I literally just grepped for "addDays(", and didn't test the changes etc yet08:19
dcalisteNo problem, it's a first look.08:20
dcalisteMaybe, what we can decide today, is about mkcal!17 and the handling of exception with timezone for all day events.08:20
chriadamyes, that's a good idea08:22
chriadamlet me quickly check the last comments there08:23
chriadamI think it's definitely possible to push that logic down to n-q-p-cal level08:27
chriadamI wonder if we need to think about similar in sync plugins, or whether that's not related in this case?08:28
dcalisteI would prefer also the possibility to keep saving whatever in mkcal and restrict the usecases in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar.08:30
dcalisteI think it's not necessary to touch anything in the plugins.08:30
dcalisteThe issue comes from the peculiar output of rawExpanedeEvents().08:30
dcalisteWhich is returning QDateTime in LocalZone so ReccurrenceId are always defined like that.08:31
chriadamthen, yes, that would be my preference also08:32
dcalisteFor the plugins, it's safe (I would say), because it is coming of kcalcore itself (through ical), and we have the (failing or not) last test in mkcal to test various ways of providing all day events.08:32
dcalisteOk, so I'll amend the commit to keep saving the all day exceptions as date only for ClockTime and change in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar the call to dissociateOccurrence() to switch the KDateTime from LocalZone to ClockTime for all day events.08:34
chriadamI think that's the best way forward, yes.  I'd like flypig or pvuorela to take a look also, but I'm happy with that solution08:36
dcalisteMay be you were lacking time to look into mkcal!30 about the purge API additions ? You were wondering what additional code can be added to plugin to actually purge the database, is it clearer now ?08:37
chriadamyes, I saw your response - I need to digest what you wrote08:38
chriadambut I don't see any blocking issue for that PR - I just need to merge+tag that one once I have considered your reply about the plugins08:38
dcalisteOk, no problem to take time for it.08:39
chriadamhopefully this week :-)08:40
pvuoreladcaliste: hey on a different topic. how about that all folders sync thing? if you don't mind i can also remove the option and merge that remaining settings part.08:40
dcalistepvuorela, sorry, I didn't understand that you prefer it removed from UI. No problem, I can remove it and fiorce push in the minute ;)08:41
dcalistechriadam: thanks.08:41
pvuoreladcaliste: oh, maybe lack on my communication too. but yea, that seemed problematic on a closer look.08:41
dcalistepvuorela, sure, no problem. So we keep it in the middleware, because it's not very intrusive, but we remove it from the QML, right ?08:42
pvuoreladcaliste: yes, that was the idea.08:43
dcalistepvuorela: I've added a commit on top to keep track, but I can squash if you prefer.08:46
dcaliste(I also rechange the custom policy detection to ==2 now that the model has one less entry)08:46
pvuoreladcaliste: both fine. often prefer directly the end result, though.08:47
dcalistepvuorela: no problem, squashing in progress…08:48
dcalisteBy the way, do you need a JB id added in the commit message ?08:48
chriadamI think JB#4738908:51
pvuorelachriadam: you were faster :)08:51
pvuorelacontributes to08:51
dcalistepvuorela: ok, here it is, without the all folders option in one commit with the JB id.08:55
dcalisteThanks also for your time in guidance and review.08:56
chriadamthanks as always for your effort and time08:58
chriadamwas there anythign else to discuss this week?08:58
dcalisteNo, I think, it's alright, we have exhausted in my opinion the various points at hand.08:58
chriadamok, will speak to you next time :-)  have a great week!08:59
chriadamthanks again08:59
dcalisteHave a nice week too. Bye.08:59
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x2smonich: Hi. You're the author of foilauth, right? Is there an easy way to recover the secret key?11:59
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x2smonich: found it.16:09
x2sNo need for you to scroll up :)16:09
attahfastboot behaving randomly, i.e. giving different result eact time... is this a known problem?18:31
attahi.e. "Found 0 devices:" 2 times out of 3, and error: Failed to identify current slot. the other18:38
coderusattah: sounds like hw problem. check your connection18:40
attahhmmm, but a simple "fastboot devices" has no issues18:41
attahokay nvm... actual commands are borked18:45
Redfoxmoonattah, that sounds like a bad connection somewhere19:14
Redfoxmoonoriginal USB cable?19:14
attahYes, the brand new one19:15
attahtied another too, same there19:15
attahtried a USB2 port, same19:15
Redfoxmoontried another USB port---19:15
Redfoxmoongot a secondary machine available for testing?19:16
attahsort of19:16
attahwonder what is least bad.. OS X 10.6 or Windows 719:18
RedfoxmoonAnother good indication is whether or not it appears properly as a storage device when in normal use19:18
RedfoxmoonIf that's also broken, I'd say faulty phone19:18
attahit did show me a file manager window thing19:18
attahlet's boot up and see if it works too19:19
RedfoxmoonI remember having trouble with fastboot on my nexus 5 many many years ago19:22
RedfoxmoonIIRC it was a bad ADB driver19:22
attahbut on Linux?19:23
attahit was in adb mode as per instructions... so that's what i tested, adb shell works fine19:24
Redfoxmoonheh. no it was on windows19:24
RedfoxmoonWell give it a spin on windows then. I flashed my xperia 10 on windows 7 a few days ago19:25
Redfoxmoonwas perfectly smooth19:25
attahi guess i'll have to try19:25
attahUnzipping on a 1st gen Core 2 Duo and a spinning disc is a bit different than what i'm used to :(19:41
attahwow, it is working19:43
haasnI still wonder why after the SailfishOS update, my time is always wrong by 1 hour22:39
haasnI also noticed that the timestamps between sent and received SMS messages is off by 1 hour22:39
haasnI'll receive messages that say "1 hour ago"22:39
haasnI also have to manually set the time instead of using NTP unless I want it to be in the past by 1 hour22:39
haasnIt makes zero sense22:40
haasnWhat kind of bug could even be causing this22:40
Nico[m]I had the same bug22:40
haasnWhy would a SailfishOS update have any reason to be poking around in the system clock?22:40
Nico[m]The is a solution on tjc22:40
haasnNico[m]: oh nice22:40
haasngoogle didn't find it, mind pointing me?22:40
Nico[m]The symlink to the correct timezone is broken, let me see, if I can find it22:40

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