Wednesday, 2019-12-04

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ilpianistahi there, I don't own a Jolla device anymore, but I would like to read the reviews of my (very old!) apps. Maybe there's something interesting and I could work on them again. How can I get them?09:48
ilpianista(btw, I'm talking about apps published on the Jolla Store)09:49
coderusi can screenshot em for you :)10:08
ilpianistathanks coderus! they are: Base64, HostIsDown, Lyrics, Papocchio, SailHN :-P10:10
coderusother apps dont have new comments after yours10:18
ilpianistathank you very much! coderus10:22
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orangecathi everyone20:12
martonmikloshey folks!20:24
martonmiklosdoes anyone knows that if an Xperia X Compact shows20:24
martonmiklosRooting status: Unknown20:24
martonmiklosat the bootloader info is unlockable or not?20:24
martonmiklosI am planning to buy one, and the seller sent out this picture20:24
martonmiklosand I am confused20:26
PeperJohnnyis this the *#*#7378423#*#* menu?20:28
PeperJohnnyif you chose xperia x compact at the end of the page, there's a description to what exactly you have to do20:30
martonmiklosyes it is that menu20:31
martonmiklosthanks in this case I won't buy it20:32
orangecatI updated my keyboard layouts with a german one with a number row
orangecatAny ideas or suggestions are welcomed, it's my initial dev on sailfish21:11

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