Friday, 2019-12-06

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attahI have this log entry from ofono.... "Dec 06 18:45:11 Sailfish ofonod[2932]: Server: < AT+IPHONEACCEV=2,1,3,2,0\r" but fail to locate where it is done.. anyone that knows?20:05
monichattah: that has something to do with bluetooth20:20
attahit tells me the battery level20:21
attahand i want it!20:21
attahmonich: any chance ofono might start reading such events and making them available?20:24
monichattah: if you mean using iphone as a modem, I don't think anyone has tried that20:29
monichprimarily because that doens't make much sense :)20:30
attahmonich: nono... i get this from both my bluetooth headphones, and this "event" contains the battery level, which would be really useful to show in some GUI20:31
attahtht it is called "iphone" is just that it is an apple spec/standard20:32
monichhmm... that does make sense but I don't know the answer off the top of my head20:34
attahpage 6920:34
malattah: but wouldn't that come via bluetooth stack and not via ofono?20:35
attahyou tell that to my journalctl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯20:35
* monich shrugs20:36
attah...don't know the answer to "if ofono can make it available"?20:37
malhow would ofono know about that, unless it gets the info from bluetooth stack somehow20:38
attahi honestly don't know what does what, i just found what i was looking for more or less by accident20:41
attah...and if it can me made available, i don't really care much about how20:41
malwell we would need to figure out where that comes from20:44
attahthat's what i tried to ask, but i have a problem communicating today :)20:44
malmost likely ofono gets that via HFP bluetooth profile or something20:48

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