Saturday, 2019-12-07

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CownbergHi guys, I'm struggling with my first app for Sailfish. I find it hard to start with a working demo. Even the QML/C++ demo will not compile in SDK as the name doesn't start with 'harbour'. Any newbie tips?12:05
malso name it something like harbour-test or disable the validity checking12:11
maldisabling validity check can be done in sailfish build engine configuration in side left side of the screen Sailfish OS -> Publishing -> RPM Validator12:17
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Cownbergdoes the app appear in VirtualBox by itself, or is there an installation protocol for it?12:27
malCownberg: if you select the "Deploy as RPM" option from the side bar menu (the button with app name, fifth from the bottom of the screen)12:44
malthen rpm is automatically installed and run when you click the run button12:45
attahmal: Did you have any ideas on where/how to go fishing for that AT command from yesterday?12:51
malI would assume going through bluez5 sources and checking also the link r0kk3rz gave last night might help13:03
attahmal: thanks, missed that13:13
Cownbergthanks, mal!13:17
hahloshould fingerprint reader work on xperia 10 sfos?15:03
hahlook maybe my phone is broken15:09
maldoes the fingerprint CSD test work?15:11
maldo you see anything related to fpd and fingerpring in output of /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat when you try to use fingerprint sensor?15:12
hahloI check15:12
hahlonow it seems to read, when setup sfos it didn't15:14
malah, I think there is a bug that in the initial setup it doesn't always work15:15
hahlook good15:15

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