Monday, 2019-12-09

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maccraft123how hard is porting sailfishos?21:57
Nico[m]That depends on the hardware. If there is LineageOS support or so, it is doable, but you should know, what you are doing. I suggest asking in #sailfish-porters though22:00
maccraft123Nico[m]: phone has mainline postmarketos support22:01
maccraft123it is samsung a5ultexx22:01
Nico[m]Then it should be doable22:02
maccraft123ok how hard22:02
Nico[m]As I said, the guys in the sailfish-porters room know more :D22:03
Nico[m]I have never done it22:03
maccraft123oh and it has already been ported *but* doesn't boot22:03
maccraft123the guy has abandoned his work22:03
maccraft123>Fluency in Git, Github code-review process22:04
Nico[m]Well, the Github stuff is needed, if you collaborate with other users ;-)22:06

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