Tuesday, 2019-12-10

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r0kk3rzyou dont have to use github if you really dont want02:41
dcalisteHello chriadam.08:06
chriadamhi dcaliste08:06
chriadamI hope you had a good week!08:07
dcalisteIt was alright, thank you. What about yours ?08:07
dcalisteI didn't take time to properly test mkcal!17 in the use case of changing time zone exception.08:09
dcalisteI've just modified the code for it to (theoreticaly) work.08:09
dcalisteI maybe would like to test it one last time on device. And also recheck the assumption that non all day exception is working when changing time zone, as pvuorela is asking in the nemo-qml-plugin-calendar MR.08:10
chriadammy week was ok08:11
chriadamregarding those two: sure, I will do some extra testing there.  now that both PRs are available (thanks very much for that!) we can try it out properly :-)08:12
chriadamI wonder if the specific-time-exception case could be added to a unit test in mkcal perhaps08:13
chriadamI will look into that later this week also.08:15
dcalisteMaybe yes, playing with the expension time zone… I'll give a look.08:15
chriadamoh, thank you!08:15
chriadamregarding the owner email thing - I think maybe we should continue with the current notebook custom property based thing for now, unless you disagree08:16
dcalisteIndeed, I agree. trying to include the calendar owner in mkcal, respecting both mkcal and kcalcore API is not easy, as pointed out.08:17
dcalisteI think it is better this way, but more as a medium term solution.08:17
chriadamgreat, thanks08:17
chriadamI will fix other issues, and get it to properly testable state.  then I will start looking into client-side scheduling requirements08:18
dcalisteIdeally in long term, I see mkcal with respect to kcalendarcore from KF5 as just a storage "plugin", as another solution beside akonadi.08:18
dcalisteThis is not possible now, because of various additional API in ExtendedCalendar and Storage, but also due to this non existing Notebook class in kcalendarcore… No idea how to cleanly solve this though for the moment…08:20
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chriadamlong term, I'd like to move to QtOrganizer API instead, but that's probably not going to be resourced by Jolla's customers any time in the near future :-P08:21
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chriadamwas there any other outstanding PRs which I forgot to follow up on?08:23
dcalisteI don't know much about QtOrganizer, I need to document on it to see the advantages. Now that KCalendarCore is supported in KF5 and actively maintained and used by KDE project, I'm not so sure…08:23
chriadamI believe that pvuorela merged one of the email folder sync PRs, not sure whether he has had a chance to check the others or not08:24
dcalisteYes the kcalcore!13. About email folder MRs, everything is in now.08:24
dcalisteAh, and mkcal!30.08:24
chriadamkcalcore#13 seems ok, I have some PRs to go with that one, but haven't yet had a chance to test everything properly08:25
chriadammaybe flypig or pvuorela could help me with that testing also08:25
chriadamagh, mkcal 30 I was meant to merge that last week08:26
chriadambut somehow slipped my mind08:26
chriadamI guess I should first implement the required changes in the plugins, which I will hopefully get a chance to do this week08:27
dcalisteYes, and I should publish myself the MR for buteo-sync-plugin-caldav…08:27
dcalisteTo go with kcalcore!13, I mean.08:28
dcalisteBesides, to let you know, I'm actively working on QML support in Buteo, see https://git.sailfishos.org/dcaliste/buteo-syncfw/tree/qml08:29
chriadamif you have already done that caldav one, yes please.  if not, I can also create that one - hopefully I am doing the right thing (e.g. not missing some conversion case) in the google case, for example08:30
chriadamah excellent, thank you!08:30
dcalisteI'm testing a demonstration app to display the sync logs. This helps to see if the QML API is fine.08:30
dcalisteAbout CalDAV for kcalcore!13, yes, it's almost ready. I'll push it tomorrow I think or on Thursday.08:31
chriadamnice idea.  we currently have something similar for transfer ui in settings app, but it's very minimal / incomplete08:31
chriadamdcaliste: oh great, thanks08:31
chriadamI will use that as a template for seeing what else I might need to fix in those other plugin PRs I made earlier.  no doubt I have missed some things.08:31
dcalisteAbout QML bindings for Buteo, I've added Q_GADGET from SyncLog object and down (SyncResults…) and I've created a SyncProfileWatcher Q_Object to expose all of this to QML.08:32
dcalisteIt's working nicely. I need to add a listener on msyncd to follow changes from outside (like an ongoing sync…).08:33
dcalisteMaybe the MR will be ready next week or the one after…08:33
dcalisteIt's still WIP now.08:34
chriadamcool, no rush of course.  thank you very much for your proactive effort there!08:34
chriadamI know that this (exposing sync info to UI) is something that jpetrell has wanted for some time08:35
chriadamso hopefully this will enable more effort in that direction from Jolla side!08:35
dcalisteYep, in that direction, I need to answer Bea Lam also in https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-settings-accounts/pull-requests/6108:36
dcalisteI think indeed that we can keep the sync schedule there for every service the same, and disable the service itself separately. It would simplify the logic in that onAboutToSaveAccount callback. But I need to write the code for that first…08:37
dcalisteI mean to see if it's indeed working and not bringing any regression.08:38
chriadamsounds good!08:38
dcalisteThere is something that I've seen there that requires fixing :08:38
dcalisteline 203, the interval is set to twice a day for some conditions.08:39
chriadamah, prevents changing the schedule via UI08:40
dcalisteBut if you don't have the CardDAV service enabled, but the CalDAV one enbaled, when you enter the page, the interval is always changed back to twice a day at that line, whatever was the value before…08:40
chriadamindeed, I had seen that bug just yesterday when I was testing something, but wasn't sure what caused it08:40
chriadamwell, wasn't sure of the exact required preconditions either08:41
dcalisteI didn't dive into that yet to see why this line is required and why it is failing in my specific case.08:41
dcalisteAh, I see you noticed it also ;)08:41
chriadamI will ask blam to take a look, she knows all that code better than I08:42
dcalisteOk, so still many things to do this coming week ;) Do you want to discuss something else ?08:44
chriadamnothing from me :-)  summary of action points for me: 1) check your (soon) caldav PR for kcalcore#13 support, update my other PRs appropriately, test, merge those.  2) I need to create PRs to do the changes required for mkcal#30 support, then test, and merge all of those.  3) ask Bea to check that sync schedule issue in j-s-a.  did I miss something?08:46
chriadamwas there somethign outstanding from our side about the email folder sync ones?08:46
chriadamif so, I can poke pvuorela and jpetrell again about those.08:46
dcalisteWell, in fact for mkcal!30, there is no need to change anything in other codes. At least if not interested in the new functionalities.08:47
dcalisteI think mkcal!30 can goes in, without changing things. The only side effect is that custom properties and exceptions are kept when the event is marked as deleted, while before they were deleted.08:48
dcalisteThan, we can begin to add the new possibilities to clean the database when an event can be relmoved from it and not just marked as deleted.08:49
chriadamdcaliste: true.  I would like to take it into use, but perhaps as you say that is somethign which can be done later.08:49
dcalisteI can make a caldav MR for it, so you can have an idea of the modifications for the new possibilities.08:49
dcalisteAbout email folder, everything is now in, and it should work.08:50
chriadamah excellent!08:50
chriadamI will try it out this week08:50
dcalisteWhat I need to do (but I've always postponed it up to now) is to move the sync code from Buteo to account for the webcal thing.08:51
dcalisteI think that's all about the pending MRs I've here and there ;)08:51
chriadamah, webcal subscriptions - I'd forgotten about that one.  it still seems like it is not an account-related feature to me, but more calendar feature.  but I guess I was outvoted there by jpetrell :-D08:51
chriadamdcaliste: your efforts really are appreciated!  I hope that Jaymzz will soon be able to release the blog post highlighting your (and other members of the community also) contributions.08:52
dcalisteFrom my understanding, the idea, is just to put it in an account shell so it can use the existing infra in settings for it, but internally, it will be ruled only by sync profile from Buteo.08:53
chriadamwould be good to get some more people using gpg to improve their email security also.08:53
chriadamah true08:53
chriadamwell, that makes sense I guess08:53
dcalisteYes, and this reminds me that I wanted to prepare some uptodate packaging of GnuPG (GPLv3) so it's built but not distributed, people can then pull them if they want, while official image is still shipping with older GnuPG…08:55
chriadamI guess an openrepos thing?  or manually adding an obs repo with ssu?08:55
dcalisteI my understanding this would be GPLv3 compliant way of having it.08:56
dcalisteNo, I think even in official repos.08:56
dcalisteIf they are not distributed with the image, nobody can complain.08:56
dcalisteBut with root access, we can pull them in, and since we are root, we can modify them and put them back on device at desire : GPLv3 is respected.08:57
chriadamah interesting!  I am not very well versed in repository things, and definitely have no understanding of licensing.  best to talk to lbt or pketo about that possibility.  it would definitely be good to have option of updated gpg for users to use.08:57
dcalisteFrom my understanding, GPLv3 software imply that you should be able to modify them and put the modified version on device.08:57
dcalisteFor a device under MDM it's not possible, so it can not be shipped, but for devices with devel-su, it's alright.08:58
chriadamnice one08:58
chriadamdefinitely something to discuss with lbt and pketo, hopefully the way is open to do that.08:59
dcalisteIt's a long time that I wanted to ask this in community meeting, but always forget or postpone…08:59
flypigdcaliste, can I ask some questions about pgp support when you're done with your meeting?09:00
Nico[m]Maybe add it right now to the next meeting, before you forget?09:00
chriadamI think we're done - I had nothing else to discuss at least09:00
chriadamthanks again for your time and effort, dcaliste09:00
chriadamand I hope you have a great week09:00
dcalisteThanks chriadam, see you next time.09:00
dcalisteflypig, I'll be on IRC today, you can ask me whenever you want. But I'm sorry, for the next hour, I'll be in an important meetuing at work, and won't be able to answer :/09:01
flypigOkay, no problem :) I'll try to catch you later.09:01
chriadamgnight all!09:02
flypigNight chem|st_09:02
flypigOoops. Already gone :)09:02
dcalisteNico[m]: next meeting is for next Thursday ? If so, I cannot attent to, I'll be busy at work at the meeting time.09:02
Nico[m]I'm not sure, as it skipped one meeting09:03
dcalisteAh yeh, I've just checked… It's next Thursday.09:04
dcalisteNext time :)09:04
abransonthis thursday. 12th.09:04
Nico[m]Maybe write a calender reminder, if you are already working on that ;p09:05
dcalisteNico[m]: sure, I'll do !09:05
pketoI don't think it's possible to have different version of gnupg for the image and in the repos, at least not easily09:08
RedfoxmoonHas there been any investigations into the sound system dying on sfos? just had my xperia 10 with lose all sound until reboot :^)10:14
RedfoxmoonThere's a few posts on the forums, but nothing conclusive...10:14
dcalisteHello pketo, I was thinking having it with a different name, and playing with the Provides field of RPM, or something similar.10:57
pketodcaliste: that might work, I'm not sure11:16
dcalistepketo, I can prepare a draft to explain the idea in more details, the idea is gnupg-gplv2 is providing gnupg and is the one shipped with the official image, and at the same time gnupg-gplv3 is also in the official repo and provides gnupg.11:24
dcalisteI'm going for lunch and I can work a bit more on this to show something solid at a coming community meeting.11:25
Nico[m]So basically an alternative package?11:27
pketodcaliste: in theory that works,, but I don't know what kind of issues that will cause in practice, e.g. in image building etc.11:29
dcalisteNico[m], yes, but ideally, built and hosted officially if one can figure out a scheme that is not breaking existing workflow but allow to install alternative GPLv3 version easily on device.12:11
dcalisteflypig, I'll be available all the afternoon. You can ping me whenever you prefer.12:11
flypigdcaliste, thanks :) I was trying out your email gpg UI and was just wondering if it's documented anywhere, and if not, if you could briefly explain to me the expected functionality.12:19
flypigdcaliste, is it email signing, but not email decrypting?12:20
dcalisteflypig: it's not documented yet. I'm waiting for Jaymzz for a blog post about it. About the expected functionality, it's to be able to check received signed emails, and send some ourselves.12:20
dcalisteDecrypting is not implemented yet.12:20
flypigBut signature checking is?12:20
dcalisteIt's not far from being possible, but I wanted to wait for feedback from signature functionality first.12:21
flypigSure, that makes sense.12:21
dcalisteWhen you are receiving a signed email, the software can check that the text you're seeing correspond to the text that has been signed.12:21
flypigIs there a UI way to import my public keyring, or should I go to the commandline for that?12:22
dcalisteNo, only command line for the moment…12:22
flypigSo there's a UI for private keys, but not public keys yet? (I'm just checking I understand).12:23
dcalisteNo neither…12:23
dcalisteAh sorry, yes, there is !12:23
dcalisteI forgot I added this part in settings…12:23
dcalisteBut yes, it's only for the private key.12:24
flypigGot it, that makes sense :)12:24
dcalisteThe initial idea, was to demonstrate the possibility to modify the email framework and UI to allow signature. And if it's successfull, work on a UI to handle keyring rings.12:25
flypigIf I want to remove an imported private key, I go to the command line?12:25
dcalisteThen, Sailfish Secret started its development.12:25
flypigYes, it's really nice to have both the demonstration and the functionality.12:25
dcalisteYou should be able to do it via secret-ui, but I didn't test it for a long time.12:25
flypigI would love to have full PGP support as part of the client.12:25
flypigSo this is a great start.12:26
flypigOkay, I'll try the secrets UI.12:26
dcalisteYou mean, the decryption / encryption part in addition ?12:26
dcalisteOr key handling also ?12:26
flypigWell, it'd be nice to have everything of course ;)12:26
flypigBut just having signatures is a nice first-step.12:26
dcalisteIt took a long time to enter, from polishing the demonstration to actually having all the element inside (sailish secret plugin for GnuPG for the pinentry…)12:27
dcalisteFor the encryption / decryption, the plugin part in QMessagingFramework is not very complicated to do. But from the UI point of view, there is a big design to do about how to link GnuPG keys with people, so it's transparent for the user when choosing recipient that we have public kys available capable of encrypting…12:29
flypigIt would be wonderful if they appeared in the People app.12:31
flypigI can appreciate the difficulty though.12:31
Nico[m]Well, decrypting would already be very helpful and would probably need less complicated UI work12:31
dcalisteNico[m], that's right, particularly that we have the pinentry working well now. It is just a matter of getting our private key for decryption.12:32
Nico[m]Well, if you have anything I could help out with or anything to share, I'm eagerly awaiting proper gpg support in the sailfish mail client!12:33
flypigI think the question of whether I want my private key on a mobile device is interesting, so from that point of view decryption would be better, but personally, I think encryption and signing would be the most useful.12:34
flypigSorry, I wrote those the wrong way around. You get what I mean ;)12:35
Nico[m]Well, I read a lot more mail on my phone, than I actually write. I usually switch to my computer for writing, but not being able to read mails on the go is a bit of a bummer12:35
dcalisteNico[m] you can use the signature capability already, it's in the official Jolla repo.12:39
dcalisteFor the encryption / decryption part, not before next summer ;) Except if I seriously work on it before.12:40
flypigdcaliste, one further question. When I import my secret keys, it gives an error: "Cannot import key: Cannot import key: FINGERPRINTAAB3... from data: End of file." Is this a known thing?12:40
dcalisteflypig, sorry no. Which algorithm is your key using, do you know ?12:41
flypigThe key does import, although I also have an extra key I don't recognise.12:41
Nico[m]I still haven't really figured out how to use the secrets stuff yet, but I'm trying it out again right now. Regarding the encryption, any work is really appreciated, but of course I can't wait for it to be finished :D12:41
flypigIt imports fine from the command line.12:41
dcalisteflypig, you mean, it's failing through the UI, but not by CLI, right ?12:41
flypigYes, exactly.12:42
dcalisteAh, annoying :/ I forgot my phone this morning at home, I cannot check if I can reproduce at the moment.12:43
dcalisteI'll try tomorrow and see what is happening.12:43
dcalisteThrough UI, the process is a bit more complicated because it is using the Sailfish Secret layer to do it.12:43
dcalisteI need to check if there is no issue with importation from the secret plugin, and then to see if the QML bindings are working.12:44
dcalisteI'll try tomorrow.12:44
flypigI have a mixture of key types: RSA, DSA, ElGamal.12:45
Nico[m]Does anyone know, if the sailfish secrets API can already be used by applications for encrypted storage? I.e. sql? I need to store the encryption keys for my matrix client, and that sounds like a good fit.12:45
dcalisteflypig, ok, I'll try with these. But the fact that CLI is working means that it's not GnuPG old age, but a bug in UI (QML, or plugin).12:45
flypigdcaliste: okay, there's no rush and I was only wondering. I'm with Nico[m] on this: kudos for a great addition.12:46
flypigSorry Nico[m], I don't know the answer to that.12:47
dcalisteNico[m], not allowed in store, but otherwise, it's working with encrypted SQL, so you can store your keys there and follow platform workflow for access (device lock code, or always ask…)12:47
Nico[m]dcaliste: Great, my application is not store ready yet, so that should work for me right now. Thank you!12:48
dcalisteNico[m], you should follow the documentation of the API, it's quite extensive. For an example, you can look at https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-secrets/blob/master/plugins/gnupgplugin/pinentry/qassuanserver.cpp12:49
dcalisteLine 361, it's a request to read stored data.12:50
flypigNico[m], is there any public info about your client?12:50
dcalisteLine 393, I'm storing some secret data and line 437, I'm defining the storage type.12:51
Nico[m]dcaliste: Thank you, that sounds good. Although I think I read something about sqlcipher support or so, I need to look around a bit, how that integrates with SQL12:51
dcalisteIt's all hidden. Behind the scene, it is using sqlcipher, but from the code point of view, you're dealing with requests, specifying parameters, like the storage type, the desired user interaction, the unlock mechanism…12:52
Nico[m]flypig: No, not yet. I've been mostly working on nheko at the moment, to get its encryption stuff working, so I can use it in my client. I never made a public release or repo yet, as I was fighting a bit with the SDK everytime :D12:53
Nico[m]dcaliste: So I can't just give it an SQL query and use it as a database, I guess?12:53
dcalisteNo. the storage itself is not accessible. It's an implementation detail.12:54
Nico[m]Well, I can use it to store a db password, I guess12:54
flypigNico[m], I wish you luck with it. It'll be another excellent addition.12:55
dcalisteI'm using it myself to cache (if the user desire so) the private key passphrase.12:55
Nico[m]flypig: Thank you, I hope I get it into a presentable state soon :312:56
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