Saturday, 2019-12-14

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KabouikHi. I'm trying to help someone install zypper but he's getting an issue with pkcon refresh and I'm not sure what's causing it:
KabouikAny ideas?16:51
Nico[m]Sounds like a connection error16:52
KabouikThat's what I thought too but he tried both Wifi and 3G when I asked16:52
Nico[m]Do you have an internet connection, i.e. can you ping for example?16:53
Nico[m]Could also be some maintenance on the jolla servers16:53
KabouikI'll ask him to ping, you're right16:53
KabouikI was assuming he uploaded the screenshots from his phone, but perhaps he just transfered them over usb16:53
Nico[m]Yeah, seems to be down16:53
KabouikBut it's weird, on my side I managed to do pkcon refresh with no error on two different Jolla C at the same time he got his error on the XA216:54
KabouikMaybe they correspond to different repos?16:54
Nico[m]Hm, I can download the augeas-libs without issue16:57
mpolIt is cloudfront, it might have round-robin dns16:57
mpolor different caches16:57
KabouikI'll ask him to try again later, thanks17:03
malthat url works fine for me now17:04
pketoI would guess that the issues are on the client end of the network as it even failed to resolve the host on that second try17:29

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