Sunday, 2019-12-15

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tanghus_I have two nested SilicaListView and get file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/private/QuickScroll.qml:64: TypeError: Cannot call method 'destroy' of null. Any idea what's going on?06:49
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sunweavercoderus: hi! What is the current status of the tor-settings-applet on OpenRepos. Here it does not work with recent'ish sailfish os (on Fairphone 2).15:17
sunweaverAre there any plans for updating it?15:18
sunweaverI'd be interested in looking into it over X-mas otherwise.15:18
coderussunweaver: no, i'm not using it. but implementation was stupid-straightforward, you can fix it easily16:37
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olDoes Alien Dalvik for Android 8 on Sony Xperia XA2 or 10 support 64-bit apps?20:26

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