Monday, 2019-12-16

r0kk3rzol: i wouldnt expect so00:34
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coderushow? host is 32 bit07:22
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flaburganhi everyone. I just found a sony z3c and was wondering if sailfish was supported on it. I found this old topic on the forum. Anything newer?
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r0kk3rzflaburgan: its not, but a few similar sony devices are supported22:26
r0kk3rzso a port could possibly be made fairly easily22:26
r0kk3rzthe xperia x compact is also an option22:26
flaburganunfortunately I have no time to try to port it22:27
r0kk3rzi maintain the port for the z3 compact tablet, which cant be so different22:29
flaburganwell, I don't feel like I'm skilled enough :p22:30
flaburganI'm a linux user, but quite new to mobile world22:30
r0kk3rztime and patience is the main limiting factor22:31
flaburganfor example, when I follow it tells me my bootloader can't be unlocked22:31
r0kk3rzah, yes thats a problem22:31
flaburganbut I managed to install TWRP I don't remember how years ago22:31
flaburganand I'm now root on Android22:31
flaburganis that enough to flash something custom?22:31
flaburganmaybe at least lineageOS first?22:31
flaburganfrom there, will I be able to unlock the bootloader?22:32
flaburganI have really no idea22:32
r0kk3rzif you can flash a custom boot.img then that will be ok22:33
flaburganit looks like I messed up the official android anyway, because I tried a factory reset and now in the "First step" screen, it won't let me continue without setting an internet connection, being 4G or Wi-Fi, and then it stays stuck on "Checking connection" for minutes22:33
flaburganhow can I test if I can do that?22:33
r0kk3rztry flashing lineageos and see how far you get22:39
flaburganI don't want to brick the device22:42
r0kk3rzbut i think having a locked bootloader is a bit of a show stopper for sfos22:42
r0kk3rzthe sonys have a proper flash mode which makes them hard to fully brick22:43

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