Thursday, 2019-12-19

BenKerryis the XA2 the best phone for testing and using SailfishOS as daylie driver?02:02
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ViGeBenKerry: That really depends on who are you asking. Everyone has their own opinions on which phone is best.07:31
r0kk3rzthe xa2 isnt a bad choice10:49
x2s.oO( if you can get it. Seems mostly out of stock :(11:00
mkolmanx2s: is second hand device an issue ?15:28
mkolmanx2s: should be super cheap in general15:28
mkolmanBTW, just got Xperia 1015:29
mkolmanits loooong ;-)15:29
x2smkolman: I need an invoice, which you usually not get when buying a phone second hand15:38
x2sand yes, the 10 is too big :P15:38
* mkolman put longcat as wallpaper on it, it matches perfectly15:40
mkolmanwell I wanted something reasonably future proof & fast15:44
mkolmanand 10 plus seems to finally reach the Xperia X in performance ;-)15:44
x2smkolman: but its camera is worse :(16:24
mkolmanbut it has 2 of them! :)16:25
mkolman(on one side the limited range of supported devices immensely help with choosing a device, but it can still suck in cases like this one, eq. you want a really good camera or something similar)16:26
mkolmansame thing with form factors, it's not only small phones - what about an officially supported tablet ?16:27
mkolmanthat's also missing16:27
fledermausis there a way to get the equivalent of the firefox web console open on the sailfish browser?16:28
fledermaustrying to figure out why a page that works fine on ff doesn't work at all on sfos web browser (it uses some js but no fucnky advanced frameworks or anything)16:28
Nico[m]I don't know how to open a web console on sailfish, but the firefox version on Sailfish is pretty old, lile around FF48? So I'm not surprised by any incompatibilities16:34
fledermausff works just fine. (it's the one for android anyway)16:38
fledermausit's the sailfish browser that's not working and I'd like to know why16:38
fledermausah   EMBED_CONSOLE=1 sailfish-browser16:42
Nico[m]FF48? I'm pretty sure your FF is newer, which is why iy probably works16:45
Nico[m]You could run the browser from the terminal and look for anything suspicious16:53
Nico[m]Ah, you figured that out already16:54
attahAny hints on how i can force-refresh the translation files of a project?18:20
attahIt seems they stopped updating...18:21
Mister_Magisterattah: in qt creator there is tab tools i believe -> lingist something18:32
attahI thought i had looked, but indeeed, belown another layer of menu, there it was18:33
Mister_Magisterglad i could help18:35
attahI still have yet to apply it 100% successfully, but it did *something*18:35
attahSeems the default .ts file (template?) is still not changing18:44
Mister_Magisterye it's quite tricky18:47
Mister_Magistertry cleaning it and running qmake18:47
Mister_Magisteror something18:47
rinigusWe had a while ago discussion regarding porting newer web engines, as qt webengine. As far as I remember, it was obstructed with old Wayland of sfos. Any idea whether Wayland has been updated recently (during last year or so)?19:01
malrinigus: what wayland version is needed? we have 1.17.019:02
malrinigus: which is the latest available19:03
malrinigus: wayland update was included in sfos 3.1.019:06
malor are you talking about qtwayland?19:06
rinigusmal: don't remember, to be honest. I think r0kk3rz was somehow involved, maybe more details from him.19:07
rinigusNo, I think it was about main Wayland. As qtwayland could probably be compiled against it19:08
rinigusmal /\19:08
malok, anyway we have the latest wayland19:08
rinigusmal: ok, good. Then at least that limitation is out19:09
fledermausbah, no improvement in caldav syncing for me...19:19
Mister_Magistercaldav is fine for me but carddav oh obi19:19
fledermausis the calendar application open/free ?19:20
fledermausat this point I suspect the only way to fix it is hack on it myself,.19:20
Nico[m]The sync stuff is, afaik19:20
fledermausthing is I don't think the sync itself is broken: I MITM'd the sync and it queries the right things and the right events come back over the wirte19:21
fledermauswell, wireless.19:21
fledermausdetails in my comment at
fledermausyeah. I have to delete and recreate the acount to pull down new events. Extremely less than ideal.19:33
fledermausI wonder if I could automate that...19:33
attahDid anyone have success with the printer discovery in SeaPrint? I'm curios how bad i borked that, if at all...21:25
olI've finally got Sony Longphone (Xperia 10) Plus, and I'm ready to flash Sailfish OS on it. But just in case, I want to backup existing firmware. Does anybody know how to do it?21:38
attahAll i heard is that it was less relevant than for whatever older Xperia had the DRM Camera stuff...21:41

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