Friday, 2019-12-20

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chriadam_dcaliste: ouch, thanks for bringing that one to my attention06:38
chriadam_I'm surprised that using EXDATE for exception occurrences is not RFC-compliant06:39
chriadam_anyway, I think your PR makes sense.  I haven't had time to fully digest it yet, but I hope that flypig_ or pvuorela_ will have the time to do so, and merge your two PRs, asap.06:40
chriadam_thank you very much for investigating and providing a fix for that!06:41
taixzoI'm trying to add my Google account to my Xperia X, but when I try to go through the steps Google asks me to verify that it's me by opening the Google Settings app on my phone. Obviously since it's Sailfish I don't have one; anyone know how to add a google account?15:51
fledermauscan you log in to your google account via a web browser and verify your device activity from there?16:10
taixzoI can log in on desktop and click "yes that was me" but the phone is still prompting for a security code16:14
taixzoThere's a "More ways to verify" link but it only gives me the option of "Use your phone or tablet to get a security code"16:16
taixzoI tried adding 2FA to my Google account but it doesn't seem to help16:17
* fledermaus doesn't really have his google account activated on the phone so cannot help 16:20
taixzoI installed a Google Authenticator-compatible app (SailOTP) and set it up with my account, but it doesn't accept it as verification - "wrong number of digits"16:22
fledermaushow many digits is it giving you?16:22
fledermausand are you copying the code or entering it by hand?16:23
fledermausif you're copying it it might be adding a space in the middle or something.16:23
taixzoit's giving me 6. I'm typing by hand.16:27
taixzoI note that when I was adding this to my account via the website it was perfectly happy to accept that code16:27
taixzofinally got it to work my a) backing out and then b) using both the SailOTP code and logging into Android on my Nexus 516:30
taixzoman, it's frustrating to use Google stuff16:30
fledermausno argument there.16:40
MalinuxAnyone now how to solve the "Network connection error"? I get all the time on both celluar and wifi. Running and I have had this issue since at least 3.0.X.X iirc20:42
malwhat are you trying to do when that happens?20:44
Malinuxnothing, it just happens even when I don't do anything20:44
tarkshyais anyone aware of why is down ? anyone knows the server owner or the person maintaining it ? It used to host old meego images for various hw platforms, could someone give any pointers ?21:55

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